Carl Cox

How I PLAY: Carl Cox and his performing gear MODEL 1

The MODEL 1 mixer, engineered by Richie Hawtin, has become a standard mixing tool for many of the big name DJs like Carl Cox. In the latest issue of „How I PLAY“ Carl introduces us into his work with the MODEL 1.

It’s a phantastic sounding dj tool, but also a very expensive affair. Street price for the PLAYdifferently MODEL 1 is more than 3000€!
So it’s not surprising that the mixer is mainly seen on the big stages of clubs and festivals and not in any djs private living room. For professionals like Carl Cox in the last 12 months it became kind of a standard to use and play the MODEL 1 and in the latest episode of the „How I PLAY“ video series he shows off, why he’s such an enthusiastic supporter of it!

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“Now that I have been working with the MODEL 1 mixer for over a year, I feel now it’s a part of my equipment family. It’s like having a favourite car I drive every day, the power and energy that I get from using this mixer is like no other experience that I get from using anything else, it feels like I have one arm tied behind my back if I do not get to use it.“