Cocoon Heroes 2012

Fuzzy Buzz: Cocoon Unwrapped

Every year before the season starts clubbers around the globe are chasing the news to find out any behind-the-scenes details regarding their favourite nights and parties in Ibiza for the upcoming season. Thrilling speculations are keeping us alert. A great example is the rumor of Cocoon leaving Amnesia and taking over Monday nights at Space.


Rumor has it: Cocoon leaving Amnesia??

Running one of the most successful techno nights on the island for many years, neither the clubs nor the promoters have yet officially confirmed the Cocoon move. But what we do know is that last summer Cocoon was facing challenges with a significant expansion in the nightlife scene with parties like Jamie Jones’ Hot Creations at DC10 and Richie Hawtins’ appearances as “ENTER” at Space, all addressing the same underground audience. Same as “Music On”, Amnesia’s new premium techno addition on Fridays.

Friday nights at Amnesia turned out to be an overwhelming success from the opening to the closing. We can only guess that Marco Carola’s selection of a magnetic underground DJ line up in combination with an extremely friendly guest list policy for workers and reasonable door charge had pulled some fans away from Cocoon Mondays, mainly in the season workers and locals circles. Maybe this indeed could have caused Cocoon to reconsider their collaboration with Amnesia and if it turns out that they do make the move from their long-time home base, Monday nights at Space could be a conclusive option.

Though still a rumor, it’s a buzzing favorite which we are looking forward with anticipation to see if the rumor really has it.

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