Cocoon Heroes Terrace

Review: Cocoon Heroes at Amnesia

As Ibiza heats up in August and enjoys its peak season, the Cocoon Heroes are certainly raising the temperature at Amnesia. Rumours of Loco Dice’s birthday and a raucous afterparty in an unknown location only added to the considerable hype about this night. And Cocoon have proved many times before that they when expectations are high, they do not disappoint.

Cocoon Heroes Terrace

Even early in the night the terrace was reaching boiling point. Livio & Roby’s bubbly warm-up set threatened to kick off at any moment, every drop adding to the intensity. The rapidly expanding dancefloor was eager to see their heroes, Loco Dice and Marco Carola. Playing back to back for most of the night, it is obvious that they have a deep connection that extends beyond their music. Loco Dice’s ability to take a dancefloor on a journey through his music is incomparable. He is also renowned for raw, energetic beats and his skills were fully on show. Meanwhile Marco Carola’s bouncy, uplifting techno ensured the dancefloor was always pumping. The heat in the terrace was almost unbearable, not that anyone on the packed dancefloor seemed to mind one bit. With everyone completely lost in the moment, the atmosphere was as good as it gets.

Over in the main room, the crowd were treated to a peak time set by Cocoon’s commander in chief, Sven Vath. Andre Galluzi’s building set prepared things perfectly for the main man, who was clearly in the mood to impress. There seem to be so many different sides to Sven Vath, every set conveying a different mood, which is always completely captivating. As things really started to kick off around 3am Sven seem totally calm and collected and the concentration he was putting into his mixes was plain to see. This was in total contrast to the crowd, who were going crazy and dancing like mad to his insuppressible grooves. He seemed to have the people in the palm of his hand, as he moved through uplifting techno, deep house and everything in between, selecting the best sounds from each style. As the night moved on, he reverted to the harder beats he is famous for, proving yet again why he is one of the most loved DJs in the world.

Cocoon Heroes continue to live up to their reputation as the best techno night in Ibiza. Their heroes are masters of lifting dancefloors and their commitment to booking up-and-coming DJs bodes very well for the future. 2011 has been a particularly strong year for Cocoon and they truly deserve hero status.

by Dave Morris