Music On Sculptures

Music On Hits Amnesia On June 14th

Following last year’s success, Marco Carola is going for a second run with the return of Music On in Amnesia.  The party gained massive attendance and recognition last season and saw some of the scene’s most influential DJ’s.  The team is ready for the upcoming summer months with a stronger focus on the one thing that makes it all come together, the music.

Music On Sculptures

This season 2013 Marco Carola and his team will present an astounding concept based around 16 handcrafted sculptures for the 16 nights of Music On throughout the summer, made from 100% natural materials and representing the ethos of the party.  The sculptures are constructed from a variety of organic, recycled materials including; the remains of a collapsed stone wall, a pine tree struck by lightning, the building blocks of an abandoned railroad, the oldest alpaca wool, the skeleton of a historic workshop, the iron of a centuries old machine, banned incandescent light bulbs, a block of tufa from an open quarry about three-thousand year old, and finally the Etna basalt.  The materials used to execute these incredible sculptures have been put together by some of the finest Italian craftsmen, with each logo becoming an integral part of Music On.

Staying true to the original motto “It’s all about the Music” is the main focus of Marco Carola and his team.  The boys; Leon, Nathan Borato, Marc Antona, Joseph Capriati, Re-UP, and Marco Carola, are working hard in preparation for the new season, aiming to construct timeless DJ sets, which will stay in history forever and spread the Music On ideology through their dedication to quality.

Music On @ Amnesia Ibiza
Every Friday from June 14th – September 27th