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PARTYSAN Award: Newcomer of the year 2011

For us it was particularly exciting to see the results in the NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR category of the PARTYSAN POLL & AWARDS 2011. Not only because in this category the response was incredibly strong and very active from the side of our users! With more than 6. 000 nominations in total and more than 32,000 votings this year, you really surprised us!


2011 brought many newcomers we certainly will hear a lot about in the future. We asked you who has impressed you the most with his/her productions and sets? Who plays with passion and touches the hearts of the fans? Who manages to make a name for himself/herself?

The Awards in the category “NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR” 2011 go to:

# 10 Bebetta
The Tresor Berlin Newcomer DJ Award which Bebetta won back in 2009, is the reason that the native Bremen girl has outgrown the status of being an insider tip actually already some time ago. Since 2008 on the decks, the friendly lady is one of the most sought after DJs of the past year and thus drawn into the PARTYSAN TOP TEN NEWCOMERS. Bebette stands for freaky sounds, samples and wonderfully refreshing surprise moments in harmony with clear sound structures. Her carefree sets neither lack charm nor good mixing techniques. A mixture that starts working now very well internationally. In late March / early April her very first release will be available!

# 9 Amir
One of the currently most popular newcomers in Germany. The native Mainz boy is already an established producer and has an excellent sense of sound. For his unique and groovy sounds in deep and tech house he is receiving a lot of support from his fans. With releases on labels like 8bit, NRK and Trapez, he has made it into the record boxes and play lists of top international DJs. He also knows how to convince as a live act, as proved at numerous gigs in venues such as the legendary Watergate in Berlin, the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt or the Q-Club in Zurich.

# 8 Max Lombardo
Austria-born DJ Max Lombardo made it into the PARTYSAN NEWCOMER AWARD 2011 after starting his career at the young age of 18 years and his first gig at the Moulin Rouge in Vienna. His innovative sounds can be described as a mix of minimal techno, tech house and techno. Through his unique style he knows how to bring the mood in the club to cook – that’s why he is one of the currently most sought after newcomer DJ’s in Austria.

# 7 BMG aka Brachiale Musikgestalter
Hardly any act has build up such a loyal fan base so unbelievably close as the “Brachialen Musikgestalter” alias Oliver Beez and Sascha Ewe. Since 2003 the both deliver their sound at clubs and festivals, and for their brutal first-class live sets they are already regarded as pioneers of the scene. Above all, the diverse array of hardware and impressive body performances make them a “real” live act (away from the keyboard pressing so called “live DJs”). No wonder they were already invited to play at the hottest festivals and events in Europe like Nature One, Syndicate, Toxicator or Mayday Poland, creating an incredible atmosphere between pumping hard techno and classical hardtekk. Meanwhile, it would be impossible to think of the scene without thinking of BMG, taking a leading role in the development and movement of hard techno.

# 6 Hanne & Lore
With their unconventional and transnational sounds Hanne & Lore are taking the clubs in Germany by storm. Besides sweaty gigs and clapping live sets full of spirit, they delivered releases on the labels Mona and Berry Style Rockets in 2011. The name Hanne & Lore is on everyone’s lips and their schedule for 2012 is full with gigs. Not only on the basis of their cooperation with artists such as Super Flu from Hamburg, Daniel Steinberg, Nat Self or AKA AKA the two are traded as a hot newcomer. Above all, the individuality of their sets and the delicate blend of thrilling tracks let the two appear in a special light and a special position in the electro circuit. No wonder then that they are now firmly in the charts of international star DJs as Dubfire and Monika Kruse.

# 5 Adam Port
The Berlin based DJ Adam Port made it into the nominations of the PARTYSAN NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR 2011, and after the voting phase he finished fifth. Adam is playing at numerous clubs in the capital of Germany such as Arena Club and many others, and starts playing now also in other European cities as Sofia or London. At the age of 16, he laid the foundation for his career with his own turntables and a fervent love of vinyl records, starting with hip hop and changed in the course of his musical socialization to techno. His style includes influences from dub, dancehall, rap, soul and psychedelic rock. Exactly this is why he stands out in the great mass of tech-house productions and is inspiring fans with his original styles.

# 4 Niereich
The fourth place in the PARTYSAN NEWCOMER AWARD 2011 goes to a native of Graz, Austria: DJ Niereich currently is riding the big wave and is one of the most sought after personalities in the techno scene. He is playing for seventeen years now and is thrilling the audience with his lush and uncompromising techno beats. As a DJ / live act / producer and co- label-owner, he is a true musical multi-talent. All his fans are waiting for a real treat this year when he is playing at Mayday Dortmund in the Westphalia Hall, expected to provide his groove-heavy derailments.

# 3 Klaudia Gawlas
Not only since internationally known events such as Nature One and Mayday the PARTYSAN NEWCOMER 2011 # 3 Klaudia Gawlas is considered a hot-traded Djane, going the way of a superlative. Since time the sympathetic lover of techno is full with dedication and devotion for the soul of electronic music. Between her steady fascination for unusual sounds and a penchant for driving beats, Klaudia Gawlas is a DJ for the dancefloor. Especially her sensitive feeling for tracks and the right timing, combined with her passion and heart, are making her sets very atmospheric and a never ending symbiosis of pressure, thrust and attraction. Besides her excellent live qualities, Klaudia Gawlas is convincing also with her studio work and releases.

# 2 Aka Aka
A big YEAH to congratulate the # 2 of the PARTYSAN NEWCOMER AWARD 2011 Aka Aka. Since 2009, Hannes and Holger are fully busy with their music. Their debut album “Voegeln EP” was over a month on top of the Beatport charts. The same with their releases on Koletzki’s “Stil vor Talent”. After setting up their own label “Burlesque Musique” on which they released their first album “Variety” (produced with the trumpet and flute performer David Thalstroem in May 2011), the “only vinyl” label has now already arrived to catalog number 006 – non-conforming electronic music with elements of the swing of the Balkans. Thanks Aka Aka for some terrific productions and remixes this year, including trips into the dimly beautiful and strange world of burlesque. And of course thanks for countless fantastic live gigs across by the Republic!
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# 1 Alle Farben
The winner of this year’s PARTYSAN POLL NEWCOMER AWARD 2011 is the young and aspiring Berlin underground DJ “Alle Farben” (in english: all colors). From being a popular local resident DJ in the capital of Germany, he now stands at the threshold of the national clubbing establishments. As a true Kreuzberger, the Berlin melting pot of cultures let him acquire an incredibly wide range of different styles of music. This brought him playing at the best and most sought after addresses in Berlin as Bar 25, Spindler & Klatt, or the Festsaal Kreuzberg. His beats just get people in the right mood and lead to a pleasant dance experience.
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Top 10 Newcomer  of the year in the Poll & Award 2011
#1 Alle Farben
#2 Aka Aka
#3 Klaudia Gawlas
#4 Niereich
#5 Adam Port
#6 Hanne & Lore
#7 BMG aka Brachiale Musikgestalter
#8 Max Lombardo
#9 Amir
#10 Bebetta

We congratulate you all and wish you an even more successful 2012! At this point again a big thank you to all participants of the PARTYSAN POLL & AWARDS! Especially happy we are about the nomination of two very highly capable ladies in the PARTYSAN TOP TEN!


PS: The next Nomination Phase of the PARTYSAN POLL & AWARDS 2012 starts on the 1st of November 2012 followed by the Voting Phase in December 2012!