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Interview with Nina Kraviz

Nina KravizHi Nina,

You have chosen Nina Kraviz as the title for your new album. That looks very private and personal. The tracks are very warm, emotional and full of soul. Is that one of the reasons you chose the album title? “Nina Kraviz” = 100% Nina Kraviz sound?


I have a theory that an album title must pop-up naturally. Just like that. In my case it didn’t happen. So I decided to have no name rather than a fake one. But you are correct that this album is definitely very personal and it is 100 % Nina Kraviz.

You are not an artist who drops an EP or a remix every month. After three years you did only a few EPs and remixes. Why did you decide to do an album right now?
Oh really? Three years already? Time marches on fast! Well I think I released enough music – it’s been eight EPs and a few remixes plus compilations and stuff. I believe that an artist should only release something when he has no other alternative – when he needs to express his artistic ideas and he has an actual idea in his hands. Since I released some of my first successful songs I have been constantly offered to release my music on other labels. I have also been offered many remix jobs and collaborations as a vocalist. But I decided to put it on hold. I never wanted to be everywhere. I think it’s better to do a few strong releases than put out many weak ones. And at some point if you start putting your records everywhere you just have quite a risk to lose focus. I actually wanted to release my album last year. And therefore a break with releases was just the most healthy thing to do. But then the release date was moved due to some technical reasons and than the time gap became even more visible. But that’s totally a good thing before something big like a debut album!

How long did you work on the new LP?
The musical part was complete within 8 months. But post production took a bit longer.

Nina KravizWe remember very well your first record “Pain in the ass” on Rekids. How did you meet Matt Edwards and how did your cooperation start?
We met at the Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne in 2006. He was a tutor and I was a student. About two years after the event, I invited him to play at my party at Propaganda club and handed to him two CDs with my music. Obviously he liked it.

Was it clear for you to release your album on Rekids? Or were you thinking about other labels as well?
It was the first and the only choice for me. I think at the moment there is no better label for me to release my debut album.

What makes the work and the cooperation with Matt Edwards and Rekids so special?
I think it’s like falling in love and then being asked why did you fall in love? I don’t know. Just because it felt right.

Not only because of your vocals, your tacks always have a strong recognition value. Was it always your intention to combine singing with your tracks and in your music ?
It just happens naturally. I don’t have any special intention of putting in my vocals. When I sing it comes from my heart. And it is always happens at the same time I produce music. It’s just flows and I don’t know why.

When you play clubs or festivals you are a “normal” DJ. Did you ever think about to perform live or with a band?
I used to sing in a band. It was very interesting experience. Now I am working on my live shows.

Can you tell us a bit more where you will be performing in the next months?
Yes, there will be an album tour planned. The first show is at Rex in Paris and then I play at Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson and so on around Europe and the rest of the world. It’s a very long list. Please take a look at my Facebook artist profile for all of the details. I’m looking forward to it all!

Any other plans for 2012? New EPs, remixes or projects you can tell us a bit about?
Well, I am planning to continue being a musician. I hope a prolific one. If things go well, and I am inspired enough, I will continue composing my songs about love but also will continue on my more technoish stuff that I haven’t really released so far.

Thank you Nina for your time!