Interview with Andreas Henneberg

If one were to take his releases as a measure of all things, he would have already reached platinum status. Not so long ago the professional studio producer, DJ and live act Andreas Henneberg made the move into a solely artist existence, leaving his job as a director at a large media company and focusing his creative energy on being a full-time musician.


Andreas-Henneberg-by-Marie-StaggatSince then he released several successful pieces and went on tours under pseudonyms such as Andreas Henneberg, Hennon, Cascandy, and The Glitz with Daniel Nitsch. Together with Nitsch, Markus Hille and Stefan Schuldt, the quartet runs the label „Voltage Musique Records“, which is proclaiming its 10-year anniversary in March 2013 with a massive label party.

On Voltage Andreas will also be releasing his first solo album, published in spring. This will be his first masterpiece in the album format. Incidentally, he is responsible for the production of Marcus Meinhardt, Gunnar Stiller, Marquez III and the band Krogmann. He recently celebrated his 33rd birthday.

Andreas, what does happiness mean to you?
In one word: Satisfaction! My life motto is: No matter what you do, do it always as relaxed as possible! If you can get involved with that, it makes life a lot easier, more peaceful and happier.

Ever got to the point chucking it all?
As for me everything has developed over many, many years very slowly, there were never really big holes into which I fell. There is no real goal, which I need to achieve with my music. I live for the music, so how could I think about giving it up.

Since the mid-nineties you are working as a professional musician. When did you realize that music is your future, or was it more of a gradual process?
That was a damn long time ago, and yes, it was a gradual process. In 1999 I had the opportunity to equip a great space as a studio and from that moment it was clear to me. After my job I sat every night till 1am in the studio, sometimes longer, and on the weekends I was on tour. That was a tough time, and friends and family had to cut back quite a bit. Two or three years ago I started to run my audio mastering service „HenMounTain“ which allowed me to keep myself afloat, and since then there is again something like a private life.

You work in parallel on different projects. Are you planning further own projects?
To be honest, I was almost a bit overtaken with all these projects. I had to separate myself from some already to have time for the important things. „TheGlitz“ project with Daniel Nitsch is super exciting. In the „Cascandy“ project I have been working with the guys from „Super Flu“ and something quite exciting is about to come out on their label „Mona Berry“. Under the pseudo „Hennon“ I have just released on „Great Stuff Recordings“ and there will be another release on Stephan Bodzin’s label „Herzblut“. Well, and as Andreas Henneberg I will be releasing my first solo album in spring.

How important was your decision to leave your professional career?
Imperative! 10 hours in the office, after that 5 hours in the studio every day, also hardly any free weekends. It was time.

Your first solo album is coming up soon. What exactly should we expect?
The album is quite simply called „Mountain“. There are exactly 20 tracks, which run through various genres. First, the usual Henneberg-ian dancefloor tracks, mixed with electronica, clearly unusual and experimental audible sounds. I even sing on this album. All in all a good mix of, I hope, club music and pleasing music. It will be released in spring 2013 on my label „Voltage Musique Records“ on CD, vinyl, and of course digital. It fits perfect with the 10-year anniversary of the label.

Andreas, it seems a man cannot be happier for his achievements. Chapeau, and we wish you continued great success and power in all your projects!














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