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The Hamburg based beatmaker is set to release his fourth album, Paranoia, on his ‘Ideal Audio’ imprint, and is set to reaffirm his status as a true techno stalwart.

A good opportunity to take a closer look into his set and records box.

Here are his favorite tracks right now, presented and commented by the DJ and producer himself.


Brian Sanhaji - 2000 Watt / Sonata

Brian Sanhaji – 2000 Watt / Sonata

Brian Sanhaji is one of my favourite producers at the moment. Deep, strong and dark Techno with soul. Haven’t heard such great productions in a while.




Quenum - Somebody In My Bed / ClapperQuenum – Somebody In My Bed / Clapper

Quenum always delivers. Tech-House at its best. It’s a good one when you listen to it at home and it’s a killer when you feel it in the club.




André Winter - Black Mail / Ideal AudioAndré Winter – Black Mail / Ideal Audio

Not yet released but another strong upcoming release from my friend André Winter. This bassline, or whatever it is, drives clubland crazy.




Daniel Dexter - No House For Old Men / Poker FlatDaniel Dexter – No House For Old Men / Poker Flat

I don’t know where Steve Bug always catches these young talents for his Poker Flat label. 5star high quality record. This track burns the house down!




Nicholas Masseyeff - Airmass / HerzblutNicholas Masseyeff – Airmass / Herzblut

Another upcoming artist with brilliant skills. I can highly recommend Nicholas‘ album Motherland on Stephan Bodzin’s Herzblut label too. Quality work!




Julian Jeweil - Circus / Plus8Julian Jeweil – Circus / Plus8

Great new single by the frenchman Julian Jeweil. One of the most productive artists in the techno circus. His latest release on Plus8 is a prime time burner. Julian, we need more!




Andre Galluzzi & Dana Ruh - Thelema / ARASAndre Galluzzi & Dana Ruh – Thelema / ARAS

I haven’t heard from Galuzzi for some time and I was happy getting something fresh. The result of his collab with Dana Ruh is a  superb single including two outstanding tracks.




Jon Hester - Shouts In The Dark (DVS1 Mix) / EDECJon Hester – Shouts In The Dark (DVS1 Mix) / EDEC

Not brand new but this release deserves to be in the spotlight for a longer time. I still play this track every night. Shouts In The Dark became one of my favourite summer tunes 2011.




ROD - Mori One / BalansROD – Mori One / Balans

Never heard before of ROD but this is a strong one. I hope he, or she, or they will come with more stuff in the future. I see huge potential in this production.




Oliver Huntemann - ParanoiaOliver Huntemann – Paranoia

I don’t like pushing my own stuff in playlists or charts. I can’t say if it’s good or bad or whatever. Listen to it and see it for yourself.
Ideal Audio Podcast, Vol. 1 – Oliver Huntemann by Oliver Huntemann