Balls EP Josh Wink

Josh Wink Is Back To Techno With A Dancefloor Masterpiece: Balls

After taking a break from the electronic world to enjoy fatherhood and explore family life, Josh Wink is back on the techno map. His new EP “Balls” is a courageous journey of Wink’s own musical background incorporated with trippy base lines, differentiating himself from all music that’s out there.


The EP is a sign of Wink’s excitement and enthusiasm for his return to a fully improved studio, and a summary of his life experiences in the past years. This groovy combination of techy sound with a slight break in the middle is already a dancefloor masterpiece and getting support from the likes of Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Tiga and many more.

Josh Wink himself says: “I think that you really have to have balls to play this track, as it’s a little different from most of the music out there right now.”

It’s always a surprise what can happen when an artist goes into the studio after not being in there for a while. Josh Wink explains that he felt heavily inspired to make music by all the great things he heard and from personal experiences that had occurred over the past year. He didn’t expect to make a techno track. However, the grooves came quickly and naturally to him along with the hypnotic analogue pulses.

“After I constructed the fundamentals of the track I hit record, tweaked and grooved the components live for 20 minutes, and then tightened up and edited the best parts into a sequence. Then I played out, got some new ideas from crowd interaction, and re-tweaked and made improvement.”

So, here we go, let’s get the ball rolling!

Josh Wink’s “Balls” EP is out on Ovum Records on April 15th!

1. Balls Original
2. Balls Groove Mix Synth
3. Balls Groove Mix No Synth

Words: Teodora G.