Girls gone Vinyl > The untold story of female DJs

A film about the true story of female DJs from around the world in a male dominated industry. No one would think that the electronic music industry is in conflict, but the truth is that DJs are more segregated that politicians or business executives.

Girls Gone Vinyl is the world’s first documentary about female DJs, their struggles and successes, what inspires them and what drives them in spite of overwhelming odds. Watch these women converge on Detroit for the largest electronic music festival in North America and hear their stories firsthand.

girls gone Vinyl – BEHIND THE SCNES with Derrick May

girls gone Vinyl – BEHIND THE SCENES with Derrick May

DERRICK MAY: Why are you calling this ‘girls gone vinyl’?

JENNY LAFEMME: So I mean vinyl is not used in a physical sense here but

I use vinyl. Why do you call this girls gone vinyl?

So I’ll tell you why. So Maggy and me threw a party…

Who is Maggy?

Maggy is another producer on this film. Maggy Derthick cos she has been throwing parties for a long time. And the party was I believe it was 2006/2005 and she called it girls gone vinyl. Because at that party all girls played vinyl. Now as we moved forward…

But let me ask a question


There’s girls gone wild and you’re trying to qualify this as something very serious. So why would you want the title to be so close to something so negative?

Because we’re gonna make it positive.

Ok. Fair enough.

And it’s very catchy.

Fair enough. So you are looking at the marketing angle of it.

Of course.

So let’s qualify that because we want the audience and people to know that you understood the danger of bringing this so close to that thing.


But you want that attention to bring people down with some deep shit.

Yes. To bring attention to the project of course.

Right and you did what you had to do; otherwise you’d be fighting against the curve, against the way, against this…

Oh I don’t mind fighting against the way. Whatsoever.

Let’s go.

I’m a Russian Jew I mean I always fight against someone.

I like this, it’s all right.

Do you wanna arm wrestle?


What don’t you like about girls gone vinyl?

I think. I just. I don’t not like it. I just wasn’t comfortable with the title personally because of girls gone wild. You know and I thought damn you know I don’t want people to think of that when they think of you know.


As long there’s quality and the project is exceptional, which is what I see you doing. Spending money for crew and all the things you are doing, going round to location. I don’t think people will have problems with it. But I just wanted to know, I was curious as to why you would call it. You know.

Girls gone vinyl.

Yeah. But I think it’s brave, I think it’s very, very brave to put so much into it. And like I said let no one tell you that you can’t.

Nobody can ever tell me that, if I would listen to people I wouldn’t do a million things in the world.


First time I ever came out to play. I barely seen a mixer, and I said I can because I’ve seen other people do it and I’ll figure it out so…

And what happened?

It was awesome. I mean I could mix two tracks together but it didn’t matter people danced so. You know, but to me it’s like you know. It shouldn’t be about boys or girls it’s about the music.

This is true but unfortunately we live in a world where people see colours and people see gender.


You know.

And we’re gonna try to change that I just wanna look at that 100 list and I wanna see more women.

I think the problem is looking at the list, fuck the list. You know create your own list.

I am my own list.

Create your own journal and just keep going. And just keep it going, you’re doing fine. I think that Detroit is the kind of city where you probably can do more here than you can anywhere else right now. Coz the city is going through such a transformation right now, no one knows what people are coming, what people are going, people live here today and 6 month later you don’t see them. And then you hear that they moved. You know. There is clubs that are gonna open, there is clubs that will never open, there is spaces and venues that are used or not used and it’s just things happening and not happening so right now the electricity and the interesting vibe going in the city is perfect for you. For your crew.

I love this city. And I just you know as I told you early I’m inspired by hundreds of letters from around the world of girls writing to me and saying you are giving us a voice. And that’s why I wanna do that.

Well keep it going and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Thank you so much…

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