DRM 500

Visionquest meets Cadenza

Two leaders in electronic music get together to put up a fascinating musical tale yet to be told!

DRM Cesar Merveille Ryan Crosson VisionquestVisionquest’s leading man Ryan Crosson and Cadenza’s Cesar Merveille have created a masterpiece that will soon bombard the world!  The 9 track collaboration album “DRM Merveille & Crosson” out now on Visionquest, is an experimental adventure of sound, breaking boundaries, futuristic experience. Crosson and Merveille seem to reach an untouched territory and expand on their previous musical backgrounds!

The album is a combination of ambient, deep and diverse jazzy melodies throughout this musical adventure that expands both of the artists’ dance floor sound.  The dreamy, beautifully selected instruments and melody will take you on a hypnotizing musical journey — a soul-searching adventure. Make sure you light some candles and dim the lights when you are ready to listen to track number 6 on the album. “At the Seams” is a beautiful and melodic jewel, professionally constructed, with a harmonic flow of love throughout the track.  If you are looking for that dance floor boogie track, no need to panic, track number 3 “Again & Again” is a dance house bomb that will make everyone get down!

What do you expect from collaboration between two masterminds who have been providing the world with excellent music and are here to stay? Nothing else but absolute greatness!

Make sure you check out/purchase Ryan Crosson and Cesar Merveille’s beautifully peculiar collaboration album “DRM Merveille & Crosson” out now on Visionquest!

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by Teodora G.