Nina Kravitz mixt für das Mixmag die aktuelle Cover CD. Die Compilation besteht nur aus eigenen Nina Produktionen, wovon die Hälfte noch unveröffentlichte Stücke sind. Hier kommt das gute Stück im Stream und dazu gibt es noch die Trackliste mit ein paar persönlichen Infos der Grand Deep Dame aus Moskau.

1. Nina Kraviz ‘Intro’ taken from Parris Mitchell
‘The Track Stars’ (Nina Kraviz Psycho Mix)

2. Nina Kraviz & Luke Hess ‘Remember’
“This is my collaboration with Luke Hess. While I was in Detroit, we hooked up for a studio session and played with synths and machines in Luke’s studio. The track is special also because I got Luke to speak on the mic. He’s got a great voice!”

3. Nina Kraviz ‘Tanya’
“I made this song with one of my favorite synths, the Yamaha SK-20. It’s about a girl, Tanya, who’s head-over-heels in love with the wrong boy. A player, liar and you know, wrong boy. Signed by Matt Radio Slave.”

4. Nina Kraviz ‘Hotter Than July’
“One of my first tracks, made in Moscow back in 2009. When Phillip (Efdemin) was in Moscow he came to my studio, I played him the track and he signed it immediately.”

5. Nina Kraviz ‘Gong’
“This is one of my early works inspired by the 70s band Gong. Made in my Moscow studio in 2009. Unreleased.”

6. Parris Mitchell ‘The Track Stars’ (Nina Kraviz Psycho Mix)
“My Psycho remix for Dance Mania’s P Mitchell. Made in Berlin with a newly bought old synth called the Korg Liyamda.”

7. Nina Kraviz ‘Sheer’
“This is one of my early techno tracks. Produced in Moscow with a Moog.”

8. Nina Kraviz feat Raphael M ‘Free’
“One of my first tracks on Underground Quality, from the ‘First Time’ EP. Produced in Moscow. Some vocals are mine; some are by Ray from Underground Resistance. Recorded when Los Hermanos performed in Moscow and signed by Edward McKeithen, aka DJ Jus Ed.”

9 Nina Kraviz ‘Disco D’
“One of my early tracks, inspired by my underground disco record collection.”

10. Nina Kraviz ‘Mister Jones’
“One of my very, very first tracks from my very, very beginning. Produced in Moscow and based on my own vocal loops. About Mister Jones who is always brave and honest.”

11. Nina Kraviz ‘So Wrong’
“Another one of my very early productions made in my Moscow studio.”