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Robbie Rivera. Different perceptions of Ibiza?

Robbie Rivera

Robbie Rivera this season is hosting Tuesday nights at Privilege with Juicy Music. Check out what he says about his parties and about Ibiza…


Do you think Ibiza is a special place? How would you describe the island to someone who has never been here before?

I think Ibiza is one of the most special places in Europe. This is why my wife and I decided to buy a place here. I love the way everybody is so laidback and how they enjoy life. I feel that the air in Ibiza is different; it kind of charms and relaxes you. There is so much nature around you and the beaches are amazing. When I arrive at my home here from Miami, I instantly feel like I’ve left all of my worries behind and I can enjoy life much more.

When did you come to Ibiza for the first time, what was the thing you liked most, and what is making you come back here since then?
I came to Ibiza for the first time in 1999 to play at the Amnesia terrace on Cocoon night. My wife and I came together and decided to make a mini vacation of it. We stayed at the Na Xamena hotel and the experience was great. Of course, what I loved the most as a DJ was the club scene – so many good clubs with so many great DJ’s playing. It was and is DJ heaven.

Do you think Ibiza is a musical and cultural phenomenon in the world, and if so, why?

I do believe Ibiza is definitely a musical phenomenon for electronic music. It never ceases to amaze me how thousands of people flock to the island every summer with the main purpose of going to the clubs and listening to their favorite DJ’s spin. You do not see that anywhere else in the world. Ibiza is the most important platform for international DJ’s. If you make it here you can make it anywhere.

If you see it from a global perspective, do you have the impression that the people from the different countries – or continents – have different perceptions of Ibiza?
For three years now, I have been able to experience the island’s other side that excludes the club nightlife. My wife and I move here for 4 to 5 months a year and we experience a normal life. The island is amazing and has a lot to offer besides clubbing. I think people around the world generally have the idea that Ibiza is only a crazy party island. That is because usually the packages being sold by travel agencies are geared towards young clubbers. I wish more people knew how great this place is.

How would you define Ibiza’s position in the world of dance music?
As I mentioned before, Ibiza is the most important platform for international DJ’s, period. Many of the songs that are played in the clubs become radio hits worldwide in the fall and winter.

Miami and Ibiza – the two world capitals of dance music and you are spending a lot of time in both of them, can they be compared with each other?
As a promoter, I can tell you that Miami and Ibiza are completely different. The politics are two worlds apart. As a DJ, I could say that the feedback is very similar, even though in Miami they dance their butts off.

How does Ibiza influence your work as a musician, artist and producer?
When I work on music is Ibiza it is very different from making music in Miami. The atmoshere is relaxing so I tend to take more time to produce music. I produced my last two original albums in Ibiza then finalized them in Miami.

Representing your record label Juicy Music, what can we expect this summer from your residency at Privilege?
My parties will be all about Juicy Music and guests that represent the tough and sexy house music that my label releases. There will be loads of energy and excitement, especially when I play! No boring or minimal music at my parties. We like to show the fans new music as well as classics with some commercial tunes that we all love. Privilege was missing a night like this and Juicy is here to provide it!

Please tell us more about the musical concept of the record label!
It is very simple. All DJ’s need tracks to make the night memorable. We deliver those types of tracks. We are very different than other labels that release monotonous grooves that don’t provide the smiles and the hands in the air effect. We only release that kind of music and also we like to release vocal songs that can crossover to radio. A perfect example is my Juicy Ibiza 2009 mix compilation which is out both in stores and online.

What’s on your studio agenda, on which productions you are working right now?
In the last few weeks I have remixed songs for Basement Jaxx, BT, Nelly Furtado, Fonzerelli and more. I also finished my new artist album that will be released in October. The first single called “Closer To The Sun” has just been released.

When did you start promoting parties in Ibiza, and how has the Juicy concept in Ibiza developed throughout the years?
I started three years ago doing the Sunday Terrace at Amnesia together with the Espuma party. It was amazing and I will never forget the great times I had there. We do Juicy events in different cities and we do a lot of promotions. I am really excited on starting a new night Tuesdays at Privilege.

What was the reason for you to bring the party this season from Sunday’s Amnesia to Tuesdays at Privilege?
We wanted to have a full Juicy night, not a shared night with another event like we had at Amnesia. I also love playing in huge rooms with new lighting system, big visuals and the Funktion One sound that I love.

So what’s the special juicy experience on Tuesday nights in Ibiza 2009?
Get ready to be taken on a rollercoaster ride of pounding, sexy and uplifting house music. Every track that I play will have screen projections linked to them so it will be a visual experience as well.

Thank you very much!

Real name:  Roberto L. Rivera
Date of birth: August 7, 1973
Origin: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Latest release: “Juicy Ibiza 2009” compilation.
Upcoming release: “Closer To The Sun” artist album.