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Marc Antonas new album RULES OF MADNESS is a grower.
It doesn´t open up for everybody on the first try.
So we thought it might be a good idea to get a closer look into Antonas world – by taking a sneak into his actual TopTen of his sets and records box.
Here are his favorite tracks right now, presented and commented by the DJ and producer himself.


 Robin Ordell - The Show (Felipe Venegas's Inferno Mix) - Leftroom RecordsRobin Ordell – The Show (Felipe Venegas’s Inferno Mix) – Leftroom Records

I recently discovered another face of Felipe Venegas, deeper and riskier : I love it ! This track is the perfect musical journey for me : it keeps a permanent increase in tension without increasing sound pressure ! I love the way the ethereal hypno switches after the first part of the track to a simple but super-strong rhythmic low organ hypno. This is a really serious track ! And the best example how simplicity can be the strength of one’s theme…. I am a huge fan of this team of Chilean producers when they get into techno, dropping the „tropical-like“ more classical base. The rhythms keeps being groovy, but also contains lots of emotion coming from the contrast between the sexy fluid rhythm and the inspiring hypnotic techno gimmicks.

Sascha Dive - Jus Groove (Original Mix) - Tsuba Sascha Dive – Jus Groove (Original Mix) – Tsuba

I currently play lots of tracks from Sascha Dive, them being really smart house 😉 Once again this track shows that simplicity can be the most efficient thing in music… even if it’s also often the hardest thing to achieve while creating. And this is truly achieved in this case ! This track is at the same time a very „hot & sexy“ housy tune, and a techno-like hypnotic catcher. It lets time making its work, taking you in a happy catching swirl, never using decibels to increase pressure. This is really smart tech-house…

Santos - She (Album Edit) - Rockets and Ponies Santos – She (Album Edit) – Rockets and Ponies

Santos tracks are almost part of every one of my DJ-sets ! They are classy, forward-thinking, always creative, and with incredible sound quality… The soundshape of this track is amazing : it settles a mysterious, yet very shaky atmosphere, not using any classical ways. I love the acoustic feeling in it, which makes it incredibly lively and soulful, but keeping all the heady techno sounds making their work. At the end, Santos achieved with this track a surprising delightful challenge : make a big-room techno track with pure acoustic sounds and almost no kick… Amazing !

 Ricardo Villalobos, Jay Haze - Mellow Dee ( Original Mix ) - ContexterriorRicardo Villalobos, Jay Haze – Mellow Dee ( Original Mix ) – Contexterrior

This track is from 2008 and is clearly what I would call advanced techno. I made an edit version without the saxophone to play it in clubs… and it then turns to be a huge classy club-track ! I really love the soundshape of the kick which seems to be running its own life, almost staying apart from the rest of the track, but still an essential piece of it : it shows how weird mix-downs can finally serve a tune more than huge effects ! It happens the same with the clap. Contrast is the keyword for this track : beauty at every moment, and at the same time continuous wicked sounds.

 Re-UP - New mood (Original Mix) - Upon You Records Re-UP – New mood (Original Mix) – Upon You Records

I spend every year lots of time with Leo from Re-UP, and I must say that, even if we have basically different tastes in music, he is one of my first source of inspiration ! Leo gave me the sense of what could be the best alliance between sexy grooves and techno feeling. Each time I meet Re-UP, I end up with tons of creative ideas in my head… If you add to this a truly human kindness and a huge human soul, you’ll understand how sometimes other artists can change your vision of music. This track shows what can be Re-UP’s main line : simple, sexy, lightly technoid, with always a smart use of voices.

Marcello Rosselot, Fransisco Allendes - Zappa talking (Original Mix) - Kling Klong Marcello Rosselot, Fransisco Allendes – Zappa talking (Original Mix) – Kling Klong

Once again, an example of Chile like I like it 😉 this track has a huge continuous dynamic, and it’s the perfect alliance between old-school like rhythm, and smart use of techno sounds. The nonchalant voice finishes the work, bringing a touch of carefreeness and lightness to the tune. Fransisco Allendes is well-known for some more housey percussive tunes, and I discovered another part of him making more risky tunes which I really love. It’s always worth it listening to all the tunes talented artist do, because there are chances that good surprises fitting to your taste come up.

Franco Cinelli - Patterm 01 (Original Mix) - Esperanza Franco Cinelli – Patterm 01 (Original Mix) – Esperanza

Besides pure self-standing tunes, I really appreciate tracks that seem to have been originally thought as a perfect moment in a DJ-set. So is for me „Pattern 01“ : the perfect smart tool, corresponding to what a session needs at one moment. It lets you settle a respiration moment, lowering the sound pressure, without in any way lowering the dynamic of the session. It’s a little bit like releasing the pressure after a harder moment, while maintaining the idea that there is still tension in your musical journey, and that there is more to come in your session after this track. In another style, some tracks of Minilogue or The Mole are perfect for this moment also… We need more like this 😉

Paco Osuna - What that (Original Mix) - Plus 8 Records Paco Osuna – What that (Original Mix) – Plus 8 Records

Paco Osuna always makes a clever use of jerky rhythms, wicked sound effects and voice samples. I often use the voice sample of his track Transheet in my mixes, and it’s really amazing how this very short female voice sample from Paco’s track always causes sudden delight in the public ! I also really appreciate how he stayed on his own style, just taking some part of the housey vibe of the moment, but not rushing into something totally different. This is true musical conviction…

 &ME - Red flag (Original Mix) - Saved Records &ME – Red flag (Original Mix) – Saved Records

&Me can achieve what I like best in a track : sexiness in the rhythm, richness of sound, enveloping feeling of a round kick and bass, growing tension with no excess in effects, strong emotions thru hidden harmonics, smart voice setting up serious chill… And all this wrapped up in an incredibly efficient club-tune ! Listening to this kind of track, you can sometimes ask yourself why nobody had thought before about making it… Club masterpiece !

Marc Antona - The Hammock spider story (Original Mix) - Dissonant Marc Antona – The Hammock spider story (Original Mix) – Dissonant

„The hammock spider story“ is extracted from the album I’ve just released on my label Dissonant. Even if attention may be caught by the weirdness of the initial voice, I like this track for the musical journey it contains. I remember having tried hundreds of versions of it, trying looped voice samples, changing the tune of harmonics hundred times, and always having something to change about it… At the end, the only thing I regret about it is perhaps the overall complexity, but on the other side, I like the rolling fluid rhythm, and most of all the rich hidden harmonies in it. They appear and go away without being so explicit sometimes. I even got surprised listening to it with some friends, because some singing voice melodies appeared to show up, without any real singing voice in the track. A kind of surprise discovered after mastering 😉


Marc Antona Rules of Madness DJ Ibiza