2007.04 FUSE Compilation

15 Years Fuse Compilation

Fuse is the premier techno club of Belgium and has been so since its opening on April 16th 1994. It started off as a heaven for high quality techno with a reputation for bringing in the best and most innovative DJs on the scene.


Alongside residents Pierre and Deg, DJs such as Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Sven Vaeth, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos and lots of others seem to enjoy playing here as much as the crowd enjoys partying to their sets. These innovators of electronic music constantly come back for more and rate Fuse as one of their favourite clubs. You will have to venture to 208 Rue Blaesstraat in Brussels to experience the cutting-edge, exciting vibe, an atmosphere fuelled by die-hard party seekers, ready to dance well into the next day.

2009 means the celebration of their 15th anniversary, and of course such a celebration is impossible without the release of a compilation. A triple-CD, including full length versions of tracks by E-Dancer, Octave One, Adam Beyer, Audion, Anthony Rother, Plastikman, Ricardo Villalobos, Robert Hood, M83 and many many more.

Of course it’s never going to be easy compiling tracks that have to reflect a 15 year history. Everyone has his or her own 15 years of history, and that means favourite tracks of his or her own. Thousands of tracks have passed since April 16th 1994 – the opening of Fuse club – and who can rightly tell which one is best?

So here is what in perspective is a minuscule fraction of what can be considered as ‘hits’ or ‘classics’. We know there’s much more out there. Bigger hits.

Tracks that are more underground.
Tracks that made you lose yourself.
Tracks that blew your mind.
Tracks that changed the way you listen to music.
This isn’t a statement.
Just a cd with good tracks that hopefully a lot of people will enjoy listening to.

15 Years Fuse Compilation15 Years Fuse Compilation
techno classics compilation out 04/2009








1. Link – Amenity
2. Larry Heard presents Mr. White – The Sun Can’t Compare (Long Version)
3. E-Dancer – World Of Deep
4. Octave One – Blackwater (Original Untold Mix)
5. 2000 And One – Tropical Melons
6. Adam Beyer – A Walking Contradiction (Part 1)
7. Audion – Mouth To Mouth
8. Winks – Meditation Will Manifest
9. Choice – Acid Eiffel

1. Reload – Peschi
2. Mathew Jonson – Marionette
3. Anthony Rother – Back Home
4. Plastikman – Panikattack
5. Quadrant – Infinition
6. Maurizio – M-4 (A)
7. Ricardo Villalobos – H.E.I.K.E. (Ricardo Villalobos Mood Mix)
8. Robert Hood – Minus
9. Petar Dundov – Oasis

1. M83 – Run Into Flowers (Midnight Fuck Remix By Jackson)
2. Fila Brazillia – Slacker
3. Second-Hand Satellites – Orbit 1.4
4. Medicine8 – Rock Music Pays Off (King Britt’s Introvert Mix)
5. Michael Mayer – Pride Is Weaker Than Love
6. Thomas Brinkmann – Isch
7. The Untouchables – I’m For Real
8. QX-1 – I Won’t Hurt You (I Swear)
9. Avus – Fancy Arse (James Holden’s Sunday Night Extension)

Next to that there are also four vinyl samplers available:

12″ 1
A Choice – Acid Eiffel
B Ricardo Villalobos – H.E.I.K.E. (Ricardo Villalobos Mood Mix)

12″ 2
A1 Larry Heard presents Mr. White – The Sun Can’t Compare (Long Version)
A2 QX-1 – I Won’t Hurt You (I Swear)
B Winks – Meditation Will Manifest

12″ 3
A1 Octave One – Blackwater (Original Untold Mix)
A2 The Untouchables – I’m For Real
B Second-Hand Satellites – Orbit 1.4

12″ 4
A1 Link – Amenity
A2 Reload – Peschi
B Fila Brazillia – Slacker