The Ibiza closing weeks are in full swing and one night, everbody looks back with happy faces is MATERIA. Marco Bailey hosted his event series for 11 nights at Vista Club and now it’s time to have a review on it.

Summer is going to end soon and the MATERIA night finished the first Ibiza season. What’s your result of the party?

Overall we can look back at the summer and say that yes it was a successful season! We did the party for the first time this year and we had 11 nights throughout the summer in total. It’s not easy to create a new music night in Ibiza, especially at a difficult venue, but I think it did very well and it kept rolling! At the moment we have another two MATERIA events planned in December this year and March 2017. With artists including Ben Klock and SHLOMO. We also plan to do MATERIA events in France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany and South America.

In May 2016 we were already talking about MATERIA and I was a bit doubtful about a pure techno night on Ibiza. Was I right or wrong? How was peoples reaction to the sound?

I loved having my own residency this summer, it was a first for me and although its not the easiest to start your own branded party we think the summer went really well and we have been so happy with the feedback from media, fans and artists who played with us. I think all of the people that came tot he parties knew what our aim was with the music, and knew what to expect, so theyre always going to enjoy it. Many bought friends who were not so familiar with our label and artists and we hope they come back to another MATERIA event now they have experienced one!

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You had a lot of great guest artists at MATERIA in the last weeks. Any musical highlights for you personally that will stay in mind?

Of course, there were a lot for me because almost every artist we had playing at the club brought such an amazing standard of music, nothing cheesy and all of them really understood the message we are trying to put across with the MATERIA name and brand. Maybe if I have to choose a few it would be Marcel Fengler, Vril and Mikael Jonasson who all delivered really amazing sets, but to be honest the whole summer was a highlight for me. We lived and breathed MATERIA and techno for the season!

You’re now releasing a MATERIA compilation as a review of the season. What can we expect on it?

Yes, we have a few projects on the go right now for both of my labels. The compilation is due out on the 14th October and was recorded live in Ibiza. I have selected 21 tracks which have lead the parties throughout the season and of which many people would have heard and danced to when they came to MATERIA. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did to make it! We are very proud oft he artists who have featured on the compilation and helped to make the season very special for us all involed.


Besides your own MATERIA events you were playing at Carl Cox‘ night at Space and also attended the closing as a guest. How was it to be at Space as a DJ for the last time ever?

Like many other artists and friends this summer, we knew it would be the last time that I played Space and especially the last time for Carl. The nights have become the most memorable in Ibiza, and this summer was no exception. It will be missed very much! For me personally, it will always be one of the best gigs of the year, if not my career. To be a part of that moment, was very special. I also just went to see Carl for his last night, where he played vinyl for 9 hours – it was just an amazing event, the crowd and everyone involved were emotional but happy at the same time. That moment will be a time that no one attending will forget.


One final conclusion of the season: Will you be back on Ibiza in 2017?

Yes, my team and I have just finished planning for next year, with regards to my labels and MATERIA projects and parties. But that’s all under wraps at the moment and I’ll be filling you all in via social media over the next few months. But yes I would of course love to do another season next year again, and I think now that it what most people will be expecting. For me this party has always been about the music and bringing talent who have maybe never played in Ibiza before. It’s going to be a very different summer next year now with Space closing, so lets see what happens!

Hope to see you guys soon on next MATERIA in Italy – Milano on 31 October and many more in Belgium, France and South America ! 

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