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Ibiza Sound Test: Void Incubus

We know the elegant shape and sound of the Air series of the Void audio speakers already from some places in Ibiza. More than one time we could enjoy the amazingly pure Void sound experience at parties at clubs like DC10 and Sankeys, beach clubs as Sands and at some semi-official locations or private homes of electronic music aficionados like The Kave.


Void Sound Systems Incubus

Last month a team from the British audio company Void came to visit Ibiza, having some meetings with partners as the new Ocean Beach Club in San Antonio and to music journalists, promoters and local club managers presenting the Incubus – the new sub-woofer model from the Void product family – .

The location for the sound test was a beautiful finca on the top of a little hill near Roca Llisa and the speakers were set up on a little platform-like terrace, overlooking the soft shapes of the Ibiza landscape. Surrounded by all this beauty definitely in the centre of the attention was the new Void Incubus, a massive bass tower which impressed with its size, egocentric design details and last but not least – the sound.

“A high percentage of the urge to dance comes from the upper bass frequencies”, is just the theoretical part of the explanation when you want to analyse the phenomena which makes people dance, but in practice, when you hear the advanced professional live sound from these speakers, you know you landed in the sound reality of the year 2012. The effect and the practical proof when you are listening to the Void sound: It’s just impossible not to dance.

Void SoundsystemVoid systems you can find installed at some of the most innovative and most prestigious dance clubs and live concert venues in the world as Air in Amsterdam, Cafe 1001 in London, Cirkus in Ljubljana, Crystal in Bucharest, Mint in Poole, The Warehouse in Leeds, Monarch in San Francisco, Fugazi in Oslo, The Zoo Bar in Copenhagen and the Kitty Su in New Delhi.

The Incubus is the invention and design of Rog Mogale:

“We do not set an upper price limit for the components we use, nor do we build to specific budgetary constraints. Simply stated, our goal is to make the finest products possible.”

By achieving a true blend of sonic excellence with appropriate visual appeal, Void can offer solutions to all those who wish to break free of traditions. If you are willing to spend some money on design and high-end audio engineering technology, then you should give this system a try.

Void Sound System

Void Incubus