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IMC is starting the Ibiza Music Academy Program

When it was launched in 2009 the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade recognized the initiative of establishing an Ibiza Music Cluster as an “excellent” opportunity to concentrate the economic potential of the island when it comes to dance music, entertainment and nightlife.


In this period cluster projects were popping up all over in Spain as a reaction to the crisis 2008, when the single regions realized that they can only strengthen their economic independence if they focus on a certain product or service, and make all businesses in this sector work together. Music obviously is the main product of Ibiza, and can be considered to be the most important factor for many tourists when they come to spend a holiday there.

The “Asociación de Empresas Innovadoras” (AEI) is the legal body behind the Cluster and is composed of representatives of the music industry from the island (around 90 members in 2011) who are grouped to focus their actions and projects to achieve better international competitiveness and positioning of Ibiza in the sector of of musical innovation and creativity.

Last summer the IMC started organising the first business workshops and courses. It was offered a ‚Pioneer DJ course‘, dealing mainly how to use Pioneer DJ equipment and technology; another course ‚Music for Seo and Brand Management‘, sponsored by Nokia in cooperation with Sonica Radio, was focussing on how to market musical brands. Another course ‚Club and events management‘, held by Valentino Barrioseta from Amnesia, was designed to teach how to run successful projects in the party business.

The new projects of the AEI were announced in a press conference on 08.12.2012. The Ibiza Music Academy will be offering again various courses, organised by the “Centro Internacional en Formación e Innovación en Música Avanzada”, with the aim to interrelate and create synergies between classical music and modern music.

The 2011/2012 Academic Program of the Ibiza Music Academy has been planned with the intention to enable innovative and original tendencies to grow, and will be taught by renowned local, national and international professionals.

COURSES 2011/2012

“Live Electronic Production” is an introductory course to improvise live electronic music professionally. For one week, students receive practical training and theoretical teaching from deejays and producers who show them to develop individually high quality and professional live productions.

“Harmony For Djs And Producers” is a Harmony Workshop to promote the creativity of producers and music publishers. Harmony is the main language for the composition of musical projects. In the workshop students will learn basic techniques of harmony adapted to new production tools.

“Apple Music Applications” is a course in March 2012, using mainly the iPad as a digital production tool. You will find out how to use it as a midi controller and as an instrument and of course, how to build your own songs.

The “Modular Synthesis” course is mainly focussing on the Reaktor technology from Native Instruments. The idea of this seminar is to show students interested in learning to design their own instruments, and how to use samples, effects and tools to develop their own digital production. The course is intended for both, production experts who want to learn more in depth about this software and also for new users who want to enter the world of electronic music.

You can REGISTER for these courses through the website or come and find out more about the program at the IMC office in Ibiza Town. Since December 2011 it has moved to a new location. You’ll find it now at the “Conservatorio De Música Y Danza De Ibiza” in the Avenida de España 15.

A photo of the press conference on 07.12.2011 with part of the board of the Ibiza Music Cluster (from left to right):

Lenny Ibizarre, owner Ibizarre Records, Javier Ferrer, owner Ibiza Business Music, Anna Tur, CEO Ibiza Global Radio, Jaime Manuel Rivas, director of the “Conservatori de Música i Dansa” and Adolfo Villalonga, co-director of the Symphonic Band and Symphony Orchestra Ciutat d’Eivissa.