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Poison from the supermarket: Food Matters

„Food Matters“ is a movie that can completely spoil your appetite. What in this documentary about food comes to light, is really tough. The movie presents some scientists and food experts whose message is not easy to digest (therefore you should watch the movie minimum two times!). What they say is that on our with pestcides and herbicides contaminated land is growing poisoned fruit and vegetables. The plants are so full of chemicals and industrially processed, that the food we buy has not any energy left, but on the contrary, devitalises the body’s immune system to an extend, that in the worst case we get diabetes, cancer or heart deseases. And then, rather sooner than later, die.

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Added to this is fact, according to the film, comes the other poison that we swallow every day – medical drugs which the doctor prescribes to us when we are sick or have pain. The problem is that the toxic substances clog in our cells, our digestive organs, our blood and in our brain.

Certainly some pharmaceuticals are very effective and a boon to mankind. But with every pill you take, unfortunately, you also allow chemical substances to get stuck in the body, which means, your desease does not get better, but worse.

The interview partners in „Food Matters“ quite clearly say that it’s medicine which ultimatelly kills us. The film shows how many people actually are dying from the side effects of the medication of “modern” diseases – so many more as we can imagine!

Our bodies are poisoned. From the industrially processed foods that we buy in the supermarket, and the drugs which do not heal. According to „Food Matters“, most food that we buy in the supermarket is total „rubbish“ and the origin of most diseases is malnutrition.

The scientists in „Food Matters“ are warning us that many of those diseases caused by malnutrition take a long time until symptoms show up, and that it takes long until you actually start feeling uncomfortable. When our bodies are deficient, we feel tired and get sick. If you then go to see a doctor, it’s almost too late.

„Food Matters“ is shocking us with many insights about the food we eat every day, and, among other things, a radically new perspective on cancer. What do we know about cancer? Not much, only what the clever heads of the marketing departments of the pharmaceutical industry want to let us know. Are cancer and other „diseases“ maybe really just pure marketing stitches, which, according to the film, found their beginnings some decades ago in the United States under president Richard Nixon? Cancer as a simple cause of malnutrition, which can be resolved with of diet on raw fruits, vegetables, water and intravenously injected vitamin C? Sounds to easy to be true.

So what can we do to avoid malnutrition? Quite simply, by buying organic food at health shops, or better get it directly from organic farmers. At least 51% of our daily diet, according to David Wolfe in „Food Matters“, should be “raw”. The film provides (besides some gruel details on „Codex Alimentarius“) a lot of insightful information about nutrition and gives everyday tips for a healthy lifestyle.

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Words by Rica
Foto: CaminoPR