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‘We all have a sexiness inside’: An Interview with Stars on 33

Disco-House is back: ‚This Is Love‘ is the first studio album of Stars On 33. We spoke with New York based Vocalist & Singer Lawrence LT Thompson.

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Please tell us something about your personal aim with the new ‘Stars on 33’ album? I really want to take these songs and perform and create a Stars On 33 LIVE experience for venues, clubs & festivals throughout Europe as well as the US & Canada. Actually, let’s go to Japan, Russia, Australia, or wherever the fans would want to feel the magic we felt while making it.

How was the collaboration with Kris Menace & Radical Peterson between New York and Europe over such a huge distance, your process of producing together etc. I always go with my gut and I felt that everything happens for a reason. From how we were introduced to one another, to our email exchanges, to meeting face to face, Kris & I bonded on so many levels. I would work on lyrics and melodies in NYC, then send the demos to Kris. I felt confident with most of what I had created in the demos, but when I arrived in Germany and met these guys I was open and ready to do whatever it took, to make it right.

Radical & Kris conjured up and added a European sensitivity to the melodies and lyrics. There was so much Disco sorcery going on, and we all connected in order to make this record the best.

Has recording your voice-parts become a routine or is it still an adventure? It’s definitely an adventure. I’m willing to work hard, so regardless how long it takes I’m not giving up until we all feel like we got it. I loved it that Kris moved the mic into the same room with him and Radical. It made the recording more intimate. We quickly bonded after the first day of recording.

Kris insisted that I channel my inner sexy man. He asked me who was my celebrity crush.  I honestly didn’t really think and kinda said I thought Gerard Butler was tasty. Well, the next day I came into the studio there were all these suggestive photos of Gerard near the mic, for sexy inspiration.  Not only was it hilarious, it was one of the many things that solidified my decision to work together. It was moments like that which let me know that our personalities had bonded so much that it made me feel more comfortable in the creative process.

Your voice is full of energy and experience – where do you get the creativity for this beautiful music? Besides from looking at Gerard, while recording… (laughs)

The thing I have to give to this world is energy. I have such an imagination for life. I am always inspired by so many things. I love Sex, I love fashion and I love having a good time. My mission is to always make others feel good. Everyone must channel their sexiness. We all have a sexiness inside whether it’s naughty, raunchy or demure, it’s a power that keeps us going on a daily basis. I also feel that if people are not laughing they are not living. Therefore, I always like to keep it happy, snappy and a little bit zany, when I am around.

Stars on 33_CoverYour personal fashion style is definitely inspired by funk, soul and disco. Where is this coming from? I got my sense of style and finesse from my parents. They always bestowed fashion upon me from an early age on. I always loved how getting ready was like a ‘production’ for my mother. I was always enthralled with her shoes and dresses as well as the process of making sure she looked presentable and eye catching when walking out the door.

Style is confidence and once you own it and feel comfortable you have the ability to wear whatever the hell you want. Therefore, I mix men’s and women’s clothing. Yes, Sequin, Chiffon and garments with movement always work best for me. My motto is: Your look must have vitality! Therefore, if you do not feel that it does, jazz it up a little!

Is there a decade of music or a special style which inspires you more than anything else? 70s & 80s all the way. I love European or Japanese style. I also have a conservative palette for fashion, but in the end I always want to end up looking edgy.

Which impulses/inspiration do you get from your hometown? Living in NYC inspires me every day. I’m a big believer in getting your inspiration any way you can. Whether it’s chemically, sexually or through teaching, I fully support all of it! You never know how the magic is gonna spark you, so you just have to be ready.

Which tracks of the album still give you most shivers? Oh my, that’s hard! Mhm, ’Movin‘ On’. It’s like my motivational musical Java-coffee. It ignites me every time I hear it. The way the music has this ethereal transformation is uplifting, spiritual and sexy! It makes me wanna fucking dance, sweat and shimmy!

‘LUV’ is also great. The sexual liberation and the Menace production of this track make me wanna go to an orgy every time I hear it! oops… (laughs)

Or ‘This Is Love’: I am so vulnerable in this song because most of the lyrics were written out of pain and now I’m glad I can dance through that moment from the past.

Thank you very much for this chat!

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