Want to become a TechHouse Blogger? Join the PARTYSAN Network.

PARTYSAN.net is always looking for new team members!

Serving the nightlife community for over 10 years now, the PARTYSAN.net has always been in constant motion. New authors join, old companions leave again for having kids or other irrelevant non-nightlife related reasons.

We love to expand the network to more countries to spread the news all over the world. Our network has grown tremendously over the past years and we feel this is a good time to branch out and seek new opportunities, to reach an even greater audience.

Right now we are building teams for these regions and countries:
Germany: Sachsen, Sachsen Anhalt, Thüringen, Mecklenburg Vorpommern


If you’re a news hound for information about nightlife, tech solutions, digital lifestyle & gadgets …just about anything related to the world of electronic music, and you’ve also got a great sense of aesthetics, music and ideas about how to streamline a digital lifestyle from the tangle of wires and unnecessary gadgets, read below about how you can join the PARTYSAN team…

We’re looking for one blogger or a group of buddies to join our team, someone described by friends as the stylish technologist …the person to go to to ask for recommendations and solutions, someone who is alert enough to be on any guestlist. If these characteristics describe you, then PARTYSAN is looking for you!

PARTYSAN is searching for someone who is motivated, self-sufficient, has a strong understanding about the world of music and blogging, is able to market and promote a blog.

Are you:
A good organiser and connector?
PARTYSAN is a platform for freelancers that organize, promote and push their PARTYSAN subblog by themselfes. As part of a big network we support each other in building up a great site that your local customers will love to pay for advertising.

Savvy with blogging already?
You don’t have to be a professional writer, but we are looking for writers who can write with clarity and a personable (and personal) voice.

Can you write on a variety of topics with a wide variety of readers in mind?
Sure, anyone can write about what they personally like or want for themselves, but half the job requires offering solutions outside personal experience or preference. We’re looking for problem solvers, opinion leaders who are not afraid to critize a useless record or a bad organised event.

Do aesthetics matter to you?
Unplggd has a discriminating eye for good music, and we want a writer who can balance reporting upon specs write alongside how the music works in a club or a party. If you’re into DJing, music production and everything related to it, you’re an PARTYSAN candidate.

Can you write dependably and regularly?
Many people want to write about music and nightlife. Not many can write about it day in, day out. If you live, breathe and love electronic and have a terabyte of ideas, we’d love to hear from you! Passion matters.

So if you feel like beeing selve-employed is a good idea and want to join the network, let us know why you are a potential teammate.

What we want:
Some post writing samples: complete with photos sized for our post formats. The first being focused upon a record release, the second post an event.

A brief description about yourself: what do you feel you might bring to PARTYSAN? 
We want to know why you might be a good fit, so share those unique tidbits of your personality and background that make you uniquely qualified.

Do you have any experience in media? 
Are you already a confident freelancer in the world of electronic music? Share links to your own projects and let us know more about the person behind the skills. SEO knowledge is a plus.

We’ll be accepting applications and samples and those chosen as best qualified will be contacted for a 2nd round of samples for consideration by our team. Please send all applications and samples to info@partysan.net, with subject header „PARTYSAN Blogger Submission“.


Yes, we are considering partnerships with interesting music outlets aswell.
If you have access to a large network of artists, authors, ravers, photographers. promoters, clubs and labels, why not put it to good use?

Yes, there are fees involved running a PARTYSAN subblog – its a share of costs for servers and traffic and range from 150 – 200 € a month. On the other hand all income from your subblog stays in your pockets, so its not a „get rich in 5 weeks“ programm – only a great opportunity to make money using your resources and promoting the music you love.

Why all this is written in english? Because we connect with the world – not only with the area around you and that you reach within a bycicle ride. This is the internetz.