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The Stony South. Enjoying the lovely chiringuito Macao Cafe on the Rocks

Es Codolar is a beach in the south of Ibiza which is worth it going for its endless view, the attraction of being very close to the airplanes that fly in and out, and enjoying the lovely chiringuito Macao Cafe on the Rocks.


Macao  Café  started  as  a  place in  the  Ibiza  por t  area,  within  a  few  years  the Macao  Restaurant  in  Santa  Ger trudis  followed. Since  three  years  the  cool  Chiringuito  “Macao Café  on  the  Rocks”  became  one  of   the  real  hot spots  in  the  south of   the  island.

“Macao  Café  on  the  Rocks”  is  a  beautiful  place  right  on  the beach where you can do some extreme relaxing and enjoy the delightful chill out sounds that come from the speakers and mix with the sound of  the waves.

The bay is called Es Codolar and pebbles cover  the entire area. This seemingly endless long stony beach (3,100 meters) is near the wetland Ses Salines
and the airpor t where you can watch the  planes  flying  in  and  out  (also when YOU are flying in or out, you can see it from above). At the farthest end of Es Codolar nudists enjoy the heat and the reclusive isolation.  In  the nearer end of the  beach  the  Macao  Café  refreshes you with fruit juices and delicious little snacks.

How to get there: Take the Carretera from the Airpor t  to  San  Josep,  turn  left  to  Cala  Jondal  and  follow  this road to a Supermercado for Comestibles (get a bottle of  water there and a tasty Spanish  supersize  bocadillo) and  right  at  the building turn left to a bumpy path and voilá – there is the beach!

A walk from the beginning of  the beach to the very end of  the bay allows you to view billions and billions of  white shiny stones, the lovely arrangements of  “Macao Café on the Rocks”, the runway of   the airpor t (a closer place  to see and hear  the planes you will barely  find on the  island), the water canals of  Ses Salines,
some elementary  fishing huts, an odd multi-story building and at the very end you reach the end of  Ibiza, Cap des Falco, one of  the points most south on the island.

A  nice  idea  to  preserve  your  visit  at  Es  Codolar  beach  as  a lively memory is to get hold of  one of  the selected CD compilations, which have been  released on  the  label Macao Café Music.

The recent mix CD  with  the finest of chill out  music “B-Tribe”  will be  released this  month  and another  double album  named “Digidance”  will be out at the same time.