The sound and style of Shardana, Playa den Bossa, Ibiza

Shardana Ibiza
Start your night the Italian way: Shardana is a bar, music lounge and pre-party location. Not easy to find, even for insiders, but once you get there, you won’t leave.

In historical records the Shardana are known as “the sea people”, a group of skilled warriors that appeared all over the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt and some parts of the Middle East. It is believed that they settled in Sardina, giving their name to this area.

The restaurant and lounge bar Shardana in Ibiza, situated in a hidden corner of Playa den Bossa some metres from the former Kiss / Le Masque night club (now Sankeys), is the place for many workers and also a hot spot of the Italian community of Ibiza. The crew of the former Noctambula bar around Oscar Casu has turned this venue into one of the absolutely hot spots for lovers of underground electronic music and of tasty Italian cuisine and drinks.

In summer, Shardana is the ideal place to hang out before you go to the clubs, a place where you can enjoy the traditional digestive liquor “Mirto”, tasty long drinks and typical Sardinian wine.

Shardana is a fusion of an underground pre-party venue (made for fans of Cocoon, Circoloco and the Zoo Project, with DJs as René, Manu-L, System of Survival, JP Chronic, Jo Mills, Anderson Ice, Nima Gorji and Chris Bones on the decks), art gallery, bar lounge and – a squash studio!

The menu is based on traditional Sardinian cuisine with a slight twist and varies on a daily bases.  “Aperitive in Music” on Fridays is one of their regular events, with free Italian tapas (you only pay your drinks) and lots of fun – not only in summer highly recommended but also during the winter.


Contact: + 34 971 306 784
Address: Calle Argelagues 18, Playa den Bossa