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The new rosé wine from Ibiza. Ibizkus

The new rose wine from Ibiza IbizkusOur recommendation for hot afternoons at the beach or early morning after-party sessions: A glass of chilled “vino rosado”.


Nothing conjures up the feeling of summer in the Mediterranean more than the smooth sexy hue of a rosé wine. Whether sipped slowly on a sun-drenched terrace or accompanying a beach feast under the shade of a sombrilla, Ibiza would not be complete without its “vino rosado”. This summer saw the launch of its very own home-grown “Ibizkus”.

Mingling together the name of the island that provides the land and the ubiquitous pink hibiscus flower, the name of “Ibizkus” quickly spread across the islands hottest and coolest bars and restaurants.

Totem Wines, the company behind, is the culmination of years of planning on the part of Laurent Fresard, a young maestro originally born and brought up in Burgundy. In the case of Ibiza, and “Ibizkus”, Totem chose to develop the rare and ancient vine Monastrell, which dates back to the early settlers to the island, the Phoenicians.

The new rose wine from Ibiza Ibizkus“Ibiza is fantastic for this wine, because of its humidity. The closeness of the mountains to the sea produce mists nearly every day and humidity in the air, particularly in the north of the island, which keeps the vine hydrated. And the red soil, which is so rich in minerals, strengthens the vine. These vines have evolved alongside the history of this island”, states Laurent Fresard.