Ibiza im Sommer 2017

The Angel Frequency Column. The frequency of music is the universal language.

I moved to Ibiza three and a half years ago from Los Angeles, for two important reasons, music and nature. I was over the life of the city, traffic, pollution and freeways, and what I call the Free Slavery System (FSS).


I call it this because the system is, workworkwork, buybuybuy eat, TV, sleep, workworkwork, buybuybuy, eat TV, sleep, no time to think! No time to realize, you aren’t really living. And the air was brown!

For a while, I thought I had arrived in paradise. Until I discovered, nowhere is perfect. And nowhere can we escape the FSS. It’s deeply implanted into the culture of our civilization today.

Ibiza used to be a place where people could sit in cafés, smoke joints, and frolic naked in the sunshine.
Parties were in the open air, and hardly anyone had a mobile, or a telephone for that matter.

I hear about the old days where people would just meet up at one of the local bars or cafes, and leave notes for friends. Some didn’t even have electricity.

What I love about living here is it’s the first time I’ve lived a “campo” life. I get a kick out of hearing peacocks waling out my window, the sheep baa-ing, and bunnies in my garden. If you’re lucky, your landlord will stock you with the surplus of what is grown on his land: Oranges, lemons, mandarins, olives, avocados, almonds, spinach and even eggs from free range hens.

Ibiza takes me back to a time where Internet wasn’t necessary because you knew everyone you needed to know. They all lived not so far away, and eventually you knew you would catch up. And if you didn’t have something you needed, you could always trade your neighbor. But usually they would just give it to you.

The old ways are fast becoming lost. And now, whether you feel it or not, it’s here! There is a global food crisis, water shortages, Global Warming, as well as many other global concerns we all need to start to not just be aware of, but also, do something about.

You might wonder why this column is called the Angel Frequency? Well, being a DJ and a musician for most of my life, it wasn’t a job; it became a way of life. It became a way, a practice. It was my air I needed to breathe, to survive this madness. The Frequency of music is the universal language.

Scientifically it is being proven today through Quantum physics and theories that we are One. And this “Frequency” is what drives us to gather together, because when we are one, we are powerful! There is such powerful energy when we gather, that if it is mistreated, or not respected, things like riots break out. But if we use this power and unity, with good intention, we can perhaps not only have a great time together, “a new high”, and maybe, some miracles could happen.

They are stealing our minds, our water, our freedom and the airwaves. If you snoop around the Internet, and not too hard, you will see more and more mention of something called “Net Neutrality”.

Look it up, they are trying to take away our freedom to share with each other too! Not only is the air we breathe at risk, but the one tool we have to possibly effect major changes by communicating on these “air” waves!

Ibiza is a wonderful, beautiful, magical island. I love it so much. But there’s some changes for a more positive way to party I’d like to see…

For instance a littering law, enforcing recycling, and implementing “good” intention with our actions. After all, this was the original ‘Hippy” island! Love and peace doesn’t have to be anything more then do unto others, as you would have done unto you!

As someone immersed into a scene that is so based on freedom and having a good time, like the scene in Ibiza, you would think that the “party people” just for a moment might think about the fact that pretty much at any moment, the party could be over.