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System of Survival. Diving into deep waters.

For how many years have you been coming to Ibiza? How did everything start?

Systems: It all started about 5 years ago, when we were asked to come and play for Circoloco.

How did you become DJs at DC10?

Systems: We met Antonio (one of the Circoloco organizers) and we were asked to do some gigs at DC10. After that we started a collaboration that spans 5 years now and has allowed us to expand and grow, artistically speaking.

Do you think people appreciate the club differently now, given that the opening hours have been restricted? Has it affected you at all?

Systems: Of course! Circoloco is a party and a place of its own kind for time, place and atmosphere .The restrictions have damaged and compromised every professional involved in it, as far as we and the other DJs are concerned.

Do you agree with the new opening times?

Systems: No, absolutely not! We cannot understand the reasons. We think that the “restrictions” only create hardships and discomforts impoverishing the economy of an island which is so famous for its amazing club scene and the parties which are surrounded by terrific natural scenery.

What is the special feeling about Ibiza?

Systems: In the last two years it has been not easy; things are kind of changing year after year. Lot of people and friends used to come and gather in Ibiza sharing an idyllic experience made through music, enchanted places and people…the island is taking now a turn and we think not a good one…

You started a new label project last summer called “Ianus71”. What is the idea behind this?

Systems: Ianus71 is our newborn project with a long-term collaborator Amor T. It is a look in more directions, something that reflects and tries to represent what we are, where we come from, and take new challenges musically obviously …

How would you describe the music you play in your sets comparing with the music you do as a producer team?

Systems: Our sets at the moment have a prevailing dose of deep house influences but we always pay attention to the dance floor and so to have a chameleonic approach.

What kind of music will be released on this new label?

Systems: With Ianus71 we will be trying to infuse a new attitude into the modern dance scene by injecting musicality and inspirational good feelings back into a scene which as become oversaturated with monotony and a lack of imagination.

What do you want to make the people feel when you prepare your DJ set?

Systems: We have always thought that if someone goes to a club, he or she is looking for a new experience and a few hours of good music and exciting vibes, so we are always trying give them this through our style.

If you are on the island and it was your day off, where would you hang out?

Systems: We spend our small breaks from productions diving into “deep waters” if possible or hanging out at night at our friend’s bar Noctambula in the old town.

Thank you very much!