Hi Adam, how are you, what have you been up to this week?
Very good thanks, I came home yesterday from Germany after 2 gigs. Today I’ve been driving since I’m finally taking my drivers test.
Sweden seems to have given us so many great DJs what the secret?
A very rich music climate, loads of people produce music in Sweden so naturally they play it as well.
How does London compare to other cities around the world when embracing your sound?
I’ve always had a good following in London and it’s always special for me to play there so I would definately say it’s one of my favourite places to play.
When growing up what inspired you to become a DJ?
I used to play the drums when I was very young and there was also a radio show on Swedish national radio (similar to radio 1)around 87-88 that I was listening to. The guy running it was manipulating his sets with samplers and FX, playing remixes of famous tracks and whatever dance music that was popular at that moment. One day I decided that this was what I was going to do and since then there’s been no turning back.
How would you describe your sound to someone who has not met you before?
I play techno in all forms, driving and non compromising.
You are playing the Carl Cox and Friends Arena at this summers South West Four festival how well do you know Carl, and what will you all be getting up to back stage?
I’ve known Carl for quite a few years, bumped into him in Thailand on holidays and shared various cars from festivals etc. I don’t know him well personally but I have the greatest respect for him since I really think he is a true DJ in every form. He´s been inviting me to play his party numerous times at other events and I’m always honoured to do so. What goes on backstage stays backstage!
Have you heard about the South West Four festival and if so, what are you looking forward to?
I’ve just been told it’s really good and I am really looking forward to play there!
What can we expect from your SW4 set this summer?
Some great techno music.
What is your favourite festival drink of choice?
Champagne mixed with red bull 🙂 or naturally Jägermeister…..
Have you seen any mental things happen during any of your sets?
Yeah 😉
Partysan Award for Best Label 2011What’s happening with Drumcode right now?
May has been a really busy month with releases from Ben Sims, Kaiserdisco & Flavio Diaz, Slam and on Monday Alan Fitzpatrick’s first single from his new album called “shadows in the dark” coming out. We are pushing the label quite hard at the moment and things are going really well.
Which artists are influencing you sound right now and who should we look out for?
A lot of good English techno at the moment, love Mark Broom stuff, Alan Fitzpatrick, Rich Jones, Harvey mc Kay, Slam, James Ruskin, Luke Slater etc  etc, Italians like Joseph Capriati, Uto Karem and the new school Napolitan sound. Sweden for Cari lekebusch, Nihad Tule, Joel Mull. Berlin, Ben Klock, Len Faki, Marcel Fengler… And on the more minimal/techhouse front Maetrik.
If you came across a genie lamp and had one wish, what would you wish for?
I think you should be careful with what u wish for but world peace is always a good one, and if that one is to difficult maybe just for the damn ashcloud to go away!
What was your first ever gig?
I guess I was around 12 at the local youth centre, we used to arrange school discos there and that’s where I first learned how to mix during the days after school!
If you were to give any aspiring producers/DJs advice what would you say?
Stay true to your soul.
Finally, what can expect from Adam Beyer this year and the near future?
Loads of Drumcode records from the worlds best techno producers, Drumcode radio, tons of gigs, Loads of Drumcode parties.