Smalltalk mit The Advent

Smalltalk with THE ADVENT!

Cisco Ferreira, born on the portuguees island Madeira belongs to those who we call pioneers of electronic music. Never heard this name? It’s the born name of  The Advent.

How are you and where are you at the moment?
I’m very well..
In the studio at the moment..

How is the electronic music life in the UK at the moment?
The Music at the moment is great, production wise busy as always.
Finishing up material & starting new ones.. like to keep the music flow constant, especially in today’s scene..
Club & Event wise, I still perform 99% more out side the UK,

What was your first contact with electronic music and what was the start of your LiveAct-career?
1st proper contact…
Looking back I remember going to my 1st house/ Techno club night, with Damon D’cruz owner of jack tracks Records label, he took me to a club night called „Jungle“ in central London, the night was run by a famous 80‘s promoter: Phillip Salon.. DJ’s Colin Favour & DJ kid bachelor (1st time I also met them ) they were playing more house & Acid house & seeing the crazy party freaks in this venue was like a 80’s reality Fashion Slap. People wearing very weird couture, I was late to this ELECTRONIC club culture, it stemmed from places like… Blitz Club, Mud Club, Le beat rout.. .

performing live started out for me With CJ Bolland..
Back in the early 90’s, I met CJ on my transition moving back to the UK from Belgium, I had worked since 87 in Ghent at R&S records and did all my 1st releases there, and the whole “New Beat”scene in Belgium was getting to weird for me so I decided to move back to UK, where the Techno & House scene was evolving fast..

CJ was the only artist on R&S that I really had a close bond with, he knew all my releases & also did a few good covers of them, which I was very impressed with.. so we kept in touch..

he contacted me 2 years later 92, and said come over to belgium to record, as things were really working out for him, he had already a few big releases  i.e. ‘Horse Power’ that track shaped the Belgium techno sound, and basically I toured with him all over the world..
from 2nd Mayday, E Werk in berlin, Orbit in leeds & Lost London..

Where is the name The Advent coming from?Smalltalk-mit-The-Advent-2
What happened with the name came after I got my record deal with Internal/Polygram/FFRR, they were already chasing me for a while to get a deal, so when we finally met Christian Tattersfield their head Of Internal records.. He was basically saying to me, Do what you want cisco, you have complete 100% freedom, just make proper techno that people will connect with and we at the label will push & promote it to the right public.. which is exactly what happened.. So we wanted a name that had a meaning, not have my actual own name which I found to common in the scene..

and the Advent, had a good message, The Coming & always evolving.. and it fit what i had in mind… rest is history..

Tell us something about your own productions! Can you describe your actual sound?
My earlier sound was a very puristic techno sound, high paced & full on rhythmical HiHat energy, this was due to many drum machines working in unison which each other, I found i could just build & build the energy of these IDEAS and had a formula that really worked in the studio & also Live..

One of your favorite tracks? Or one which has been with you for a long time…
There are a few good ones.. But I would like to say that the 1st Techno Albums that really inspired me to focus more were..
Jeff Mills: Waveforms Vol 1 &.. Joey Beltram: Places both on Tresor..

What does Techno mean to you?
Now it’s my Job, and I feel very privileged to say this, because when I started this journey back in 1987, Techno music really was in infancy & in no mans land, no one knew it or heard of it before, so we lived & breathed for this music to grow & believed in it. similar to urban music.. we invent it & eventfully it becomes what the people want & what you do..  Hello Techno..

Would you sometimes prefer playing together with someone else again like back in the days with Mr. G?
Not Really at this present time, maybe later “Who knows”.., for me that period in 97 when we started the G Flame & Mr G project, this was because I wanted to try some thing completely different, Techno at this time was in it’s peak, everywhere your heard this music you knew techno was growing & it grew into a great scene, all the DJ’s playing full on techno, full energetic crowds, world wide from london, NYC, Chicago, Detroit, Amsterdam,Frankfurt, Munich, Melbourne, etc etc..

So me & Colin knew we both had good House music back grounds, so we wanted to merge/Mash techno with house music, which no one in techno was really doing at that time, we had some great feedback after 6 EP’s & 1 Album titled:‘Who knows’, most of the response came from the house scene… and not so much from the techno side, this eventually came 10+ years later when Tech House (The name they gave it) became more popular with the Techno DJ’s… and DJ’s stopped playing the purist techno sound & started playing more slower Tech houser releases…

so this G Flame & Mr G sound is very relevant at the moment and i can see why people would want to hear us doing it..

What can we expect from you in the next couple of months and what else is on the plan for the rest of the year 2013?
In terms of main studio Productions I just released the Remixes from my previous Album “Sonic Intervention” on H- Productions, which I have been preparing since the beginning of 2013 so this was my main focus for this year…. so go grab a copy…
I will be doing some releases from various artists on my Kombination Research label, so a few more releases in 2013..

If you could change anything in the Dance music world, what would it be?
the “Mainstream mentality” that has..for me, ruined some parts of this Underground music Culture.. This lost some of the identity in the music, so now most music all sounds to similar & nothing really standing out from the crowd..