Smalltalk DNox Beckers

Smalltalk with D-Nox & Beckers!

How are you? Where are you at the moment?

We are pretty good and groovy, just came back home after touring Japan for one week.

Where do you know each other from?

We know each other from friends we had in common and from parties where we met.

What was the beginning of your cooperation?

Around 2003 we all where a bit lost and didn’t know where the whole thing will go. We have done different projects before but we know something new has to come up. Our first joint venture was a remix for Air Buerau, this one hit the dancefloors big time and since then we are working as a duo.

Talk to us about your music …

Our music is the music we feel. We don’t follow rules or fashions. We do what we feel like doing. We do music for dancefloors and only that. We are both dj´s and we wanna give the best dancefloor moments to the people with our own music but also when we play others people music.

DNox-Beckers-Distance-Album-TronicWhat was the working process on your new album “Distance”?

D-Nox lives in Berlin and Beckers live in Essen (A city 600km away from Berlin). The album has been produced over the last 2 years but totally free of pressure. It is not easy to work with 6000km in between us but airplanes and the internet made it possible. The process of working together is mostly the same. We get together, talk about ideas and listen to other people’s music. Slowly we take a look into samples and sounds. We build a groove, play some bass and add sounds and hooks. Not every studio session gives us a result but since we don’t hang out every day we are quite productive and fast. The main process after writing a track is the mixing and mastering.

Beckers can spend weeks on one track to make sure he gets the right sound.

Which track do like most of “Distance” and why?

Depends on what day it is as the album has tracks for every moment. But, the tracks we like the most are the one in which we have added real music elements, piano, trumpets or such. ‚Jacaranda‘ is one of the special ones.

Also ‚Sunner‘ is a very beautiful warm track that never gets boring.

‚Castor‘ is probably our favourite dancefloor track. But it really depends the day or moment.

Is it an album for Club-Goers or for Home-Chillers or both?

For clubbers and carlisteners. You can hear it at home no doubt but there is no Chill Out on there.

Tell us something about the collaborations on the album…

We travel a lot and get to hang out with different people in different studios – sometimes this way we work together or with others.

Most of the collaborations are made with a vocalist. We love vocals.

How did the cooperation with Tronic come about?

We are friends with Christian Smith. That’s it. We liked the idea to release on his well respected label.

What can people expect from your LIVE shows?

The best of D-Nox & Beckers.

With what gear are you producing your sounds?

We have all we need inside our computers. We used to work with gear but these days not so much. We love Ableton, we have tons of plug-ins, samples and sometimes we add a real instrument.

What do you see for the future of D-Nox & Beckers?

We don’t see the futures but we have hopes to be in the game for a couple more years. Next year D-Nox we celebrate 20 years djing. Maybe in 11 years he can do a 30 years dj world tour, as Sven Väth is doing right now.

We wanna continue doing music and we wanna continue playing around the world. We love what we do.

Is there anything in your career that you haven’t yet done, that you want to be doing?

Remix our favourite songs from our youth.

If you could change anything in the dance-music world, what would it be?

We would take out this entire vocodor hip hop thing which is going on right now. Snoop Doggy Dog on house beats sounds like cold vomit. Hip Hop Techno or whatever its called is bad, really bad.

Favourite electro moments?

Too many!!

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