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Roger Sanchez Interview Release Yourself Volume 6

Release Yourself is a concept born many moons ago in the mind of the Grammy award winning artist Roger Sanchez. A seminal single (Release Yo Self) under Roger’s Transatlantic Soul production moniker back in 1996, a fully immersive party experience from 2001, a world-shaking radio show and CD compilation series since 2002, and a prolific podcast from 2006 – Release Yourself, like evolution itself, tells us that only the strong survive.


So move your ass, stomp your feet, and set your mind free, because the very latest trip in this time-honoured compilation series is here. Blending deep house, Latin, tribal and electro-tech sounds, explosive programming with sparks of S-Man magic, the relentless groove of Release Yourself 6 is sure to set speakers ablaze as it’s unleashed on 4th June via Roger’s own Stealth Records label!

The genesis of Release Yourself was certainly shaped by Roger’s life as a native New Yorker. A former student of architecture and a disciple of the legendary Paradise Garage, there came a time, in the late 80s, when he had to choose between a prestigious education at the Pratt Institute and his burgeoning love of house music and club culture. That Roger went on to cement his stellar reputation as a DJ and producer around the world is a testament to his robust belief in the power of music to liberate people, physically and mentally.

The first Release Yourself event took place in June 2001 at El Divino on the clubbers’ paradise island of Ibiza. “I named it after my track Release Yo Self by Transatlantic Soul to symbolise what I wanted people to do at my parties,” explains Roger. And, of course, it went down a storm! A year later Release Yourself moved to Pacha, where Roger has been revered as a resident ever since, developing an intimate relationship with the clubbing mecca and its cosmopolitan crowds. Now, in 2007, following an illuminating start to the Release Yourself season at Miami WMC, the party returns to Pacha Ibiza from Monday 18th June, with sunset pre-parties taking place once again at Cafe Mambo. The Release Yourself theme for this year is signs of the zodiac and we can definitely predict that there will be some astronomical parties up ahead, in Ibiza and beyond. You will, for example, be able to enjoy Release Yourself marathons at several festivals this summer, including Mystery Land in the Netherlands and Global Gathering in the UK, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile serving millions of listeners who love to stay tuned is Roger’s hugely popular Release Yourself radio show. It smashed onto the scene in 2002 and is now syndicated weekly to 27 stations internationally. With an emphasis on the unique and the upfront, Release Yourself was one of the first dance shows to evolve into a podcast. Indeed, from pimpin’ his mix tapes on Broadway in the 80s to spinning digital video discs as he fronts his all-action live S-Men band in the 00s, Roger has always utilised the technology of his time to connect more deeply with clubbers. Launched in March 2006, the Release Yourself Podcast now has 60,000+ bi-weekly subscribers and even won the Best Podcast category in the 22nd International Dance Music Awards (IDMAs) during WMC 2007.

Says Roger: “The Release Yourself mixes remain a true reflection of what is going on on my dancefloors. The party mix has taken on more modern electronic elements, as have my sets, while the pre party side now incorporates even more variety within its deeper sounds.”

Join the internationally renowned DJ, producer and presenter to celebrate the celestial beauty of house music this summer. Embodying over a decade of Transatlantic Soul, and now in the mix with a fresh electronic twist, Release Yourself Volume 6 is out on 4th June via Stealth Records.

First of all congratulations with the birth of your daughter. Did it have a positive effect on the party CD?
Soleil being born has had an amazing impact on my life. In my opinion, this years party cd has a happy but edgy feel to it, Just like my daughter.

What are the musical gems on this compilation?
This year we have a lot of exclusives to offer. One of them being The Nightcrawlers “Push The Feeling”(Belocca & Soneec Mix). I also included tracks from Joeski, Basement Jaxx, Agent Greg, and Joi Cardwell.

This is the 6th volume already, and as you know electronic dance music is always in motion. What according to you has been the biggest change in dance music over the past 6 years?
Wow! There have been so many changes. Well the Technology explosion has made producers chop their studios in half, DJ’s are leaving the crates of vinyl behind and picking up CD Books, and new dance music is being released daily. Dance music today is moving at light speed. Everything has changed in distribution, retail, and promotions thanks to the web.

The Ibiza season is around the corner and we can’t wait to see you perform during the weekly Release Yourself nights in Pacha on mondays. What can we expect this season?
We plan to do some Release Yourself parties in a few different places but I am really looking forward to this year’s Gatecrasher and Stealth Parties.  We have a lot of new talent and music to showcase.

Release Yourself is a well established brand for both the albums and the events. Besides the Pacha residency, are there any more Release Yourself events coming up?
Yes, we are going to Mysteryland in the Netherlands and we are hosting an area on Global Gathering in the UK.

This year has already been very successful for you; winning the IMDA Best Podcast award for Release Yourself! How do you keep the Release Yourself Podcast fresh and exciting?
I have a great team to help me keep the podcast and the music always fresh.  I always try to keep each show new and exciting with lots of upfront music and the signature S-Man sounds.

Also, the Release Yourself radio show has a huge audience with over 20 radiostations broadcasting it. With the ‘digital revolution’ going on, do you think there is still a future for conventional radio?
Absolutely ! As long as government exists, conventional radio will always have its place in society but the next revolution in broadcasting is in satellite radio. It’s my dream to have  my own channel on a satellite network.

Whilst surfing on the internet we had the time to look at your websites. You have a lot of friends on your Myspace account don’t you? How many? Do you have time to respond to all the messages, request and comments?
Im not really sure since I don’t have an opportunity to check it every day. I wish I had more time to respond to them but I appreciate every person that has reached out to me. How many friends? Think it has exceeded the 30.000 mark but who’s counting anyways. Every one is my friend lol.

Stealth Records is still releasing vinyl, how long do you think vinyl will be available for in the future?
I love vinyl and I will always be releasing it, not in large quantities.  I think vinyl will be around for many years to come, but the digital revolution is here and the turntables are officially packed away.

You are known to be a very creative individual and this has always been reflected in the RY cd’s artwork. What is the look and feel for RY6?
There are some really nice textures and layers in this years artwork.  There’s lots of blending going on. I’m featuring a zodiac theme this year so I like for the graphics to have a natural look.

Which tracks featured on the compilation will be released through Stealth Records in the future?
The Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling (remixes), Terranova & Leeds – Dirty Sound, quite possibly Agent Greg “Symphony”

Thanks Mr. S