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With more than 6,000 nominations and more than 32,000 votings, you really surprised us!

What is the PARTYSAN POLL?
Since 2011 the Poll & Awards is a survey of the highlights and favorites of the year in the field of electronic music. Polls, reader surveys and charts have a long tradition in music media. Very often a track, artist or an event after a poll has significantly higher sales, experiences a number of new engagements, or massive increase in ticket sales.

What is the importance of such a poll for an artist?
Careers are started or stopped, newcomers can achieve their breakthrough, superstars can be approved or referred to the ranks. Artists‘ fees, record sales, media coverage and line-ups are significantly influenced by poll results. Forgotten or overlooked gems of music can suddenly arrive at fame and glory, and in the same time some hyped tracks or artists can rank much lower in the true perspective of readers, clubbers and consumers.

Who determines the nominees?
All users and readers of the international network of PARTYSAN determine the nominees.

Which are the categories?
DJ / DJane Germany / Austria / Switzerland
DJ / DJane International
Best Club Germany / Austria / Switzerland
Best Club International
Event / Festival
Live Act
Mix / Compilation
Record store
Visual of the Year
Technology of the Year
Hype / Scandals of the year
Nerve / Turn-off of the year

How does the participation work exactly?
The PARTYSAN Poll is divided into two phases: in the first phase, participants nominate a name of their choice per category. In the second phase, the voting phase, people can vote for the ten most nominated names per category. So you can enter the name of your own favorites in each category. You can nominate your favourite in one, several or in all categories.

When and where the results are going to be published?
The results of the voting will be published from January 2012 every week per category on, in our magazines and in numerous other international media.

Who can participate?
All readers and users can nominate their „best“, and then vote for them too.

How many people have taken part in 2011?
6,062 users have nominated their favorite, and then more than 32,000 users have given their votings for their best. We received more than 6,000 nominations in 18 categories from 1 November to December 31. These are really stunning numbers, especially as it is the first year of the PARTYSAN POLL & AWARDS.

Where are the participants from?
The majority of participants in this year’s poll are from the countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, but also Spain, Poland, Belgium and elsewhere.

What are the results in the category BEST CLUB INTERNATIONAL 2011?
The best clubs in the world are 1. Amnesia, Ibiza, 2. Space, Ibiza, 3. Fabric, London, 4. Womb, Tokyo, 5. DC 10, Ibiza, 6. Rex, Paris, 7. Trouw, Amsterdam, 8. Air, Amsterdam, 9. Fuse, Brussels, 10. D-Edge, Sao Paolo

What improvements / additional tools are planned for 2012?
For the next poll in 2012 forms on the website will be also completely in English and Spanish. So clubbers from all over the world can give their votes much easier.

When does the 2012 PARTYSAN POLL start?
The nomination phase for the next poll starts again in November 2012.

How can you participate?
You can do your nominations and votings here: