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PARTYSAN Poll 2012 – Top 10 Best Clubs International

There are venues, parties and party people in every corner of the world, but if you take a look at our list of the top ten internationally must see clubs voted in the PARTYSAN POLL & AWARD, one might think that the world’s strongest epicenters of techno are Berlin, Frankfurt and Ibiza. Our readers and users have nominated and gave more than 50.000 votes in 18 categories. The results for “Best International Club” you will see listed below.


What you can notice at first glance would be Berlin, the hub of the international techno cosmos. Thousands and thousands of ravers fly in week after week to catch a dance in one of the clubs in the techno capital. The venues which nearly missed the poll list are: Privilege in Ibiza, Fuse in Belgium and D-Edge in Sao Paolo.

The Top 10 Best Clubs International 2012:

# 10 Pratersauna (Vienna, Austria)
Pratersauna seems to have replaced Flex as the best club in Vienna already. The venue provides comfortable pool and sauna areas, which turn into the after-hour, VIP area or artist backstage depending on the occasion. Great entry into the top 10 of the best clubs in the world.

# 09 Watergate (Berlin, Germany)
Watergate made it to number nine in the international comparison. The club at the Oberbaumbrücke is definitely one of the most entertaining sites on the Berlin club map. And just to make it a bit more special, Sven Väth only plays Watergate when he is in town. The main floor offers bold sound and unique LED ceiling. The Waterfloor is, as the name implies, located directly at the river Spree. In the morning sunrise hours here the atmosphere is incomparable.

# 08 Fabric (London, UK)
One of the world’s most prestigious clubs is certainly Fabric in London. It is an accolade when an artist receives the honor to put together a legendary Fabric compilation, which is respected and listened to by numerous of people around the world.

# 07 Amnesia (Ibiza, Spain)
Number 7 goes to the party island of Ibiza. Last year Amnesia experienced one of its best seasons. In addition to the existing and long-established Cocoon residency, Marco Carola held his “Music On” Friday parties in the hallowed halls. The Cocoon fan base met this news with a lot of irritation. How can a Marco Carola dare to turn his back to Cocoon and start something on his own?? These or similar comments were heard frequently through out the island. Fact is, the concept worked and the event proved to be successful and more than a satisfying experience.

# 06 Katerholzig (Berlin, Germany)
The woody cat is nationally and internationally in the list of the top ten clubs. The myth of the Bar25 and the successor Katerholzig proves its ranking and is more then perfect to spend a day or two of fun there. The philosophy is: Time out of time. No better way of getting lost than in the sound and atmosphere of Katerholzig.

# 05 Cocoon (Frankfurt, Germany)
The recently closed Cocoon Club made it into the PARTYSAN Poll & Award as well. Obviously our readers have a deeply sentimental relation with their memories of nights they have spent there. After all, it will be the last time that Cocoon Frankfurt appears in the polls. Unfortunately, the location in Frankfurt’s UFO building was shut down just some weeks ago. A great project, with great attention for details and a great vision, which has hosted legendary artist and events throughout the years. Nevertheless, a good fifth place!

# 04 Tresor (Berlin, Germany)
We stay in Germany and end up back in Berlin. The Tresor club remains with a safe and loyal reputation as a „global brand“. Any techno fan, and we say really every techno fan on the globe, has heard of this legendary venue. Respect!

Space-Ibiza# 03 Space (Ibiza, Spain)
Back to the White Isle of joy, of love and excesses. A significant role for its jump on the podium certainly has Minus mastermind Richie Hawtin. In no time his ENTER series made Thursdays at Space a new experience in Ibiza. Space, which was by the program and artists somewhat long in the tooth, has reinvented itself, and thus experienced a small renaissance. Of course, Carl Cox and other nights play an important role too, but Mr Hawtin added to Space that little bit of extra sexiness. Felicidades, Space!


Logo-U60311# 02 U60311 (Frankfurt, Germany)
This rank is really a surprise. Sure, the „U“ is a place of worship all over Germany, but internationally? Apparently the fan base is growing even beyond the borders. Let’s all hope that this fun party get away spot will not follow Cocoon Clubs fate and disappear from the party map, as the rumour has it.




Logo-Berghain# 01 Berghain (Berlin, Germany)
Berlin again, and we have a winner – Berghain! All or nothing should be their motto. The „Berghain grove“ simply became a branded tale of adventure. Every professional partier desires of paying a visit to the must see and do legendary venue. A true techno fan, at least once, needs to feel the special vibe of this number one techno temple. What can be said about this club, which haven’t yet been expressed? The best system, the best sound, the best DJs, the best parties. Berghain gets the deserved gold medal in the category „Best International Club“ and we humbly bow.