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PARTYSAN Award 2011: International DJ of the year

The international DJ elite is represented in the PARTYSAN POLL & AWARDS 2011. Below you find the results of the TOP 10 international acts who were chosen out from more than 6.000 nominations and 32.000 votes. The most votes from our readers received the Canadian artist Deadmau5. Last year Mr. Zimmerman successfully filled stadiums, parks and festivals, and still had the time to create his own Deadmau5 collection for Puma.


Richie Hawtin lands at # 2 in the TOP TEN of the BEST INTERNATIONAL DJ category of the PARTYSAN POLL & AWARDS, followed by Adam Beyer and Luciano. In addition to them techno legends Umek, Rush and Dave Clark. Among the winners also the Mannheim (Germany) DJ, producer and operator of the labels 8bit and Cécille, Nick Curly, who PARTYSAN readers voted # 8 in this category. Congratulations!

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PARTYSAN_Award-2011-Best-DJ-Dave-Clarke-150x150# 10 Dave Clarke
Also known to many as the „Baron of Techno“. One of the most innovative techno producers from the United Kingdom. Dave Clarke began his DJ career in hip hop, and later went on to Acid House. During the mid-90s his sets enjoyed strong growth in popularity and he brought an unprecedented harsh groove to the club. Still, he is thrilling his fans with sold-out performances. He was and is resident DJ at some of the hottest clubs in the world, such as Bugged Out!, Pure, Atomic Jam and Head Start in the UK, the Nitsa in Barcelona and Brussels’ Fuse Club.


PARTYSAN_Award-2011-Best-DJ-Marco-Carola-150x150# 9 Marco Carola
The Italian DJ from Naples is working since his early youth on electronic tracks and started in the mid-90s with his own studio. Very soon he was well known in the hard techno scene. Meanwhile, he has expanded his musical horizon and you’ll find again more significant elements of house in his sets. Marco Carola is often in Ibiza (Cocoon resident DJ on Mondays at Amnesia). Without doubt, currently one of the most sought after DJs in the scene. Techno Ambassador of Italy for over 20 years now, and still thrilling his fans.


PARTYSAN_Award-2011-Best-DJ-Nick-Curly-150x150# 8 Nick Curly
The Mannheim-based DJ finished # 8 after the voting phase in the BEST INTERNATIONAL DJ 2011 category of the PARTYSAN POLL & AWARDS. Nick Curly had his breakthrough end of the first decade of the new millennium. His sound is groovy, housy and very varied, which makes his performances always very sexy. Starting his international career recently, he is bringing the atmosphere at his gigs to boil with pushing consistent beats. With being resident DJ at Space Ibiza and with his “Sun City” EP out on Cocoon, this year 2011 Nick Curly became internationally omnipresent.

PARTYSAN_Award-2011-Best-DJ-Rush-150x150# 7 Rush
Chicago-born DJ Rush quickly made a name for himself in the burgeoning Chicago house scene during the 90-ies. At his home city he started to tinker with electronic tracks and playing at various clubs on the weekends until he found a label and thus became known to a wider audience. During the years, Rush changed his style a little and his music got more and more drum & rhythm parts. Isaiah Major aka DJ Rush is playing all around the United States and in all big European cities, wherever his road is bringing him to perform his powerful techno.


PARTYSAN_Award-2011-Best-DJ-Umek-150x150# 6 Umek
No other DJ represents Slovenian techno equally as Umek. He began in 1993 with organizing techno parties and contributed significantly to the popularity of this music genre in Slovenia. He is known for his conscientious track selections, refreshing and perfect mixing skills, nuancing the boundaries of techno and tech house. Umek has a special charm and became one of the most important techno players of the global techno scene. Umek is a regular guest at Carl Cox’ Tuesdays at Space Ibiza. The seemingly endless energy is reflected not only in the live sets but also in his productions and impressive shows, turning the club upside down with playing the latest in digital technology and sound.

PARTYSAN_Award-2011-Best-DJ-Carl-Cox-150x150# 5 Carl Cox
One of the best known techno-veterans. Looking back on a quarter of a century of active participation in the electronic music business. The Britain-born musician socialized from an early age with grooving soul, funk and jazz tunes, and soon discovered his love for recurring elements in rhythms and drum loops a la James Brown. With a heart for sound in the right place, Carl Cox is convincing his fans with every show. His accurate, powerful and stylistic finesse made him become one of the best known and most appreciated DJs in the world. His unique style can be found also in his productions, which reflect his open-minded and stylish cross-border dimension.

PARTYSAN_Award-2011-Best-DJ-Luciano-150x150# 4 Luciano
Congratulations to the Swiss-Chilenian Luciano for # 4 in the category BEST INTERNATIONAL DJ of the PARTYSAN POLL & AWARD 2011. Due to his strong ambition to experiment with concepts and different styles, he is in the TOP TEN of our poll! Luciano had his musical breakthrough in 2003 with the two tracks „Orange Mistake“ and „Stone Age“ from his debut album ‚Lucien‘ n ‚Luciano‘. Having an egocentric way of mixing his sets, sometimes with reggae, pop, hip hop and chill out, but mostly minimal house, the all-rounder is just always surprising us with his multi-layered music, styles and structures. With his label Cadenza he made himself internationally a name in the techno industry, and with his residencies in Ibiza in the last years (Circoloco DC10, Cocoon Amnesia) and since 2011 with his Vagabundos shows at Ushuaia and at Pacha Ibiza, he is attracting thousands of frenetic fans every week.

PARTYSAN_Award-2011-Best-DJ-Adam-Beyer-150x150# 3 Adam Beyer
Adam Beyer is a success story as it could not be more spectacular. Starting with working at a record store, then coming up with the first productions and later with his own record labels, the Swede is now firmly established in the European club scene. Beyer is playing hard techno, although particularly in 2011 he ventured into housy tones and club-goers captivated. Adam is a well known face in Ibiza as well, playing at “Come Together” at Space, at “Cocoon” and at “Tonight” at Amnesia. With his skill to work on two or three decks and his individual technique, he absolutely deserves this position in the TOP TEN in the category BEST INTERNATIONAL DJ of the PARTYSAN POLL & AWARDS 2011.

PARTYSAN_Award-2011-Best-DJ-Richie-Hawtin-150x150# 2 Richie Hawtin
The second position in one of the most important categories of the PARTYSAN POLL & AWARDS 2011 is a real big player in the scene – Richie Hawtin. Also known under his numerous pseudonyms as „Plastikman“ or FUSE, he likes to surprise, and for this is regarded as one of the most influential pioneers of electronic music. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure to experience the Englishman live knows that this is a very special experience. Hawtin blends a variety of effects units, and what he is doing with TR-909 drum machine at his performances is just so memorable. Hawtin is a real expert in technical issues and hardware and software usage. For us, he is a real pioneer of minimal techno. Richie was also the first DJ who has used the software „Final Scratch“ for mixing in collaboration with John Acquavia. In 2011 his „One City“ world tour and his shows at Amnesia Ibiza received international attention. Richie Hawtin can be rightly described as an exceptional talent in the circle of electronic music.

PARTYSAN_Award-2011-Best-DJ-Deadmau5-150x150# 1 Deadmau5
We hardly can think of another DJ who caused such an enormous stir around the globe as the native Canadian Deadmau5 aka Joel Zimmerman. Whether in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia – with his profile between Progressive House, Minimal, New Rave and Electro House, the productions of this DJ are always moving up like a meteorite in the DJ charts, known for their unique sound and first-class standard. Thousands of electro fans around the globe are celebrating him for his spectacular live performances combined with incredibly impressive light shows at the most renowned clubs and festivals. No wonder that he was elected in the 2010 edition of the International Dance Music Awards for best American DJ as well as the best Solo Artist. In 2012, the DJ and producer received a nomination in the category „Best Remixed Recording“ of the Grammy Awards with the track “Rope” by the “Foo Fighters”. Arrived now at the Olympus of DJs, the enterprising Canadian seems to have no limits.

Top 10 DJ / DJane internationally Poll & Award 2011

1 Deadmau5

2 Richie Hawtin

3 Adam Beyer

4 Luciano

5 Carl Cox

6 Umek

7 Rush

8 Nick Curly

9 Marco Carola

10 Dave Clarke