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PARTYSAN Award 2011: Best Clubs International

In 2011 commenced with their first survey covering the broad field of electronic music, calling it ‘The Poll & Awards’. To start with the PARTYSAN readers and users from Germany, Austria, Switzerland were given the opportunity to nominate a name of their choice per category (18 categories in total to be exact). Once this was done, the 15 most nominated names per category were put through to the voting phase to get the Top 10 of each category as final result.


Between the 1st of November and the 31st of December 6000 nominations and over 32 000 votes were received. These results have since then been revealed by category week per week since the first week of January 2012.
The results within ‘The Best International Club’ category showed that 3 of the best clubs (Amnesia, Space and DC10) are located in Ibiza, re-confirming the fact that Ibiza still is the party capital of the world, providing clubbers with quality music and entertainment.

Here are the Top 10 Clubs of the PARTYSAN POLL as listed:

#10     D-Edge, Sao Paolo
With its outstanding design and sleek elegance, creating a unique experience, D-Edge is the home of 18 – 20 000 clubbers on a monthly basis. Combined with an excellent choice of artist and promoters, having up to 3 to 9 DJ per night, it has managed to build a global reputation for itself and attract people from all over world.
Parties: Moving, FreakChic, Mothership, Superafter, On The Rocks….

#9     Fuse, Brussels
The décor has not changed much since it’s opening in April 1994. However, this does not seem to stop all the enthusiastic clubbers. It has over time become the techno-temple of Brussels headlining the big names within this genre. With the low entrance fees and up to 3 dance floors it attracts some of the wildest and hardest clubbers around.
Parties: La Demence and off-events

#8    Air, Amsterdam
Air is a fairly new addition to the club world, with a highly stimulating interior. It has a fully automated bar system, electronic lockers and a VOID AUCOUSTIC sounds system, giving the clubbers an exceptional audio-visual experience. It has a capacity of 1300 people and a wide range of programs and parties, attracting different target groups on a daily bases.
Parties: Cookie Club, Tik Tak, BAWS….

#7    Trouw, Amsterdam
Since it’s opening in 2009, this former newspaper-printing warehouse, has succeeded in turning itself into one of Amsterdam’s prominent underground scenes. The street style design and the raw feel of the venue takes clubbers back to the good old raving days, with the exception of updated techno music.
Parties: Drukpers, Voyage Direct, Imprint & Rush Hour, Trouw on Sunday, HIFI, Sub:Stance, Les Enfantes Terribles, Colors….

#6    Rex, Paris
The Rex club is known for bringing back the dying underground electronic scene of Paris back to life. With the start of Laurent Garnier’s parties in 1992 and the headlining of well-known international DJs they managed to turn the Rex Club into one of the most influential electronic scenes in Europe. Today it is the home of some of the biggest names in the industry and has managed to keep the magic of electronic music alive.
Parties: Face A Face, Ring My Bell, Angel’s Party, Un Reve….

#5    DC10, Ibiza
DC10 is a one in a lifetime experience type of club. This controversial club has since it’s opening in 1999 had many ups and downs, due to its level of craziness and mayhem. Having overcome some of their political issues they have managed to keep their doors open to the tens and thousands of clubbers flocking to this Mecca of underground music. The most popular night (Circo Loco) has in many ways kept some the old Ibiza spirit alive, giving clubber a unique experience and a hell of a story to tell to their grandchildren when they grow old.
Parties: Circo Loco, Pandemonium

#4    Womb, Tokyo
Womb has more than once been voted as one of the top 10 clubs in the world due to its eminent sound system and grand structure. Located at the heart of Shibuyu, there are 3 floors, two lounges, one huge dance floor and it is the home of one of the largest (1.5m in diameter) disco balls in Japan. It was also featured in the film ‘Babel’ and is today still attracting clubbers and DJs from all over the world.
Parties: Trouble House, Holic Loves Tokyo, Grammy Refined, Sensual Lounge, So Very Show, Space Cruisin’, Womb Presents….

#3    Fabric, London
From the time when Fabric opened its doors in 1999, this converted meat warehouse has managed to gradually turn itself into one on of London’s super clubs. It has the capacity of 2500 people, 3 rooms, 5 sounds systems, unisex toilets and Europe’s first vibrating dance floor (Bodysonic), which is attached to 400 bass transducers sending out frequencies from the music which is being played, allowing the clubbers to feel the vibe from beneath their feet and into their body.  For electronic lovers, it is THE place to be in London on a Saturday night.
Parties: Wetyourself, Fabric Presents….

#2    Space, Ibiza
Space certainly is no newcomer to the clubbing industry having 22 seasons below it’s belt. Founded in 1989, it has overtime grown into one of the biggest super clubs in the world and was for many years the icon of daylight parties. However, with the change of government regulations in 2009, forbidding daytime clubbing, a bigger focus was made on the nighttime events. The opening and the closing party of Space are the unofficial beginning and ending of the clubbing season in Ibiza. It has a special place in the heart of most clubbers and DJs who have been there and will without a doubt stay in the top 10 best clubs category for many years to come.
Parties: BE, Café Ole, La Leche, Carl Cox Revolution, We Love, Kehakuma….

#1    Amnesia, Ibiza
Amnesia, ‘the workshop of forgetfulness’ as explained in the Greek etymology, has been voted the best club in the world more than once since its establishment in 1974. It has been through various phases of the term ‘clubbing,’ playing reggae to rock, disco to pop and house to electro. Since the major breakthrough of the infamous Cream parties in 1996, Amnesia has turned into the ultimate clubbers heaven with a capacity of 5000 people, legendary ice cannons, spectacular laser shows, foam parties, amazing go go dancers and the crème de la crème of DJs and promoters. The main room is dark and powerful, while the glass covered terrace is slightly lighter and more relaxed. The sound is impeccable due to the  ‘Expanded Amnesia Technology’, which has been developed to give the clubbers a unique audio experience, sending out frequencies that provoke the body to feel sensations that compare to having a ‘sound massage’.
Parties: Cocoon, Cream, Espuma, Matinee, I want My MTV Ibiza….

Do not forget to bear these results in mind when you book your next holiday destination. Wishing you all a happy 2012 club hopping!

Top 10 Best international Club @ Poll & Award 2011
#1 Amnesia, Ibiza
#2 Space, Ibiza
#3 Fabric, London
#4 Womb, Tokyo
#5 DC 10, Ibiza
#6 Rex, Paris
#7 Trouw, Amsterdam
#8 Air, Amsterdam
#9 Fuse, Brüssel
#10 D-Edge, Sao Paolo