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Party Review: “Solomun’s more techy side at Pacha”

“Personally I am rediscovering a more techy side of myself” was originally a small remark by Solomun in an interview with the ‘Clubbing Bible’. This was confirmed last Sunday by a set at his party Solomun +1 at Pacha that can be truly described as on the techy side of house music.


A lot has been said about Pacha’s 2013 musical policy and their new nights. Solomun’s “plus one” concept is arguably spearheading a modern musical direction that is thought to take the cherry venue into a more underground future.

Among the new nights it is indeed Sundays which work best in the club’s weekly schedule. Partly that is due to the inexorable rise of the German producer and label owner Solomun, but also due to a clever concept which gives a DJ ample time and space to take the audience on a journey.

Last Sunday had a more than willing audience which followed Solomun and his great guest Âme loyally into the morning hours. In a summer where some headliners get away with appearing at their own party only five minutes prior to their set before playing meagre 90 minutes, it is great to see a party host play at the beginning of the night as well as in the end.

Solomun started at two in the lowered DJ booth on an already packed dancefloor. Beginning with deep and funky tracks he kept the basslines rolling and the vocals coming. Ben Pearce’ “What I might do” is one of the earliest memories of this great night.

True to his statement Solomun soon steered into ‘techier’ waters, ending up with surprisingly tough tech-house tracks which we’d expect from guys like Marco Carola. Contrary to many prejudices the Pacha crowd was completely up for it and when Solomun finished with his recent “Late Night” remix for the Foals even the baristas joined in to a full-fledged Pacha choire for the chorus.

Âme then took us deeper and deeper into the slower and spheric regions of house. For the first thirty minutes he carefully reduced the tempo and by dropping Dinky’s “Falling Angel” created THE moment of the night. He soon picked up pace again and though his set lost a bit of verve and consistency towards the end, it was a memorable appearance by the Innervision favourite.

Eventually, at around six, Âme was joined by Solomun again: a back2back with these two that began with Maya Jane Coles’ season smasher “Everything” really coulnd’t go wrong and provided the remarkable grand finale of this perfect night out!