2007.10.07 Hawtin Atmosfair

Minimize Your Impact. Go and check your emissions

2007.10.07 Hawtin Atmosfair 2Frequent flyers – especially DJs – often have a guilty conscience, because with each flight they contribute a bit more to the enlargement of  the ozone hole.


It is incredible how many kilograms of  CO2 alone on a short-haul  flight within Europe are puffed into  the air.

Atmosfair is  an  organisation  that  makes  people  who  travel  a  lot  by  plane  feel  a  bit  better.  It  allows  air  travellers  to calculate the quantity of  greenhouse gas caused by their flights. The website also tells them how much it would cost to prevent the same amount of  emissions by investing in emission-saving projects elsewhere.

For example, the emissions of  a passenger on a one-way flight from London to Ibiza create a climate impact of  about 380 kilograms of  carbonic acid gas.

In comparison: Running a refrigerator for one year creates “only” 100 kilograms CO2. A flight from Munich to Ibiza (including the return trip) causes emissions of  about 720 kilograms carbon dioxide.

In  the  meantime  also many  DJs  support  the Atmosfair project, knowing  that  the  constant flights  to  their  gigs  all around  the  globe  pollute the  environment.  But  how  can  the countless miles of  an internationally booked DJ be avoided?

Richie Hawtin was the first to make public that he voluntarily pays a tribute to Atmosfair every time he takes the plane. He started a movement called “Minimize Your Impact“, and now, every time you  book  him,  some money  goes  to  Atmosfair.  The money  is used  to  finance  projects  in  return  for  the  nasty  greenhouse
gases which arise when  internationally celebrated DJs  fly back and for th on the planet like a squash ball.

For every  flight  they make,  travellers  can make a donation  to Atmosfair and receive a cer tificate, that this money will be used for sustainable projects. With this donation Atmosfair realizes solar, hydropower, biomass, or energy-efficiency projects which save as much greenhouse gases as your flight emitted before.

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