Kid Kenobi Just Kid-ding

Looking back at the ITM Top 50 over the last couple of years, you realise how quickly DJ’s can come and go and how many actually fall by the wayside. One who’s not only managed to stick around, but also keep within the top 2 over the last 4 years (coming first until this year where he slipped to No.2) is Kid Kenobi.


I caught up with him, as he was putting together his mix for Ministry’s Clubbers Guide to 2007.

So will the sound of this CD be different to any of your previous Ministry CD’s?
‘It’s a little bit different. Before it was predominantly breaks, this time it’s pretty much all over the shop. There’s still that sound that comes across, but its not one genre.’

And how’s the mix coming together?
‘I’m still putting it together, but I’ve got the general vibe. The way I’ve looked at it is, I want to represent what I’m into at the moment, but you know, also to represent a couple of different artists that I think are what’s happening at the moment.

It’s no surprise that MOS have chosen Kid Kenobi to mix 1 half of this CD. His style captures the sound of a lot of clubs around the world at the moment. Fusing breaks, electro, big kick-arse bass lines and a general rude boy attitude, it’s definitely a long way from the minimal sound, and looks set to be very big in over the next 12 months.

So what producers are you into at the moment?
‘Oldskool Junx – He’s got a really really cool style. It’s kind of rude electro breakbeat. Really rude and bouncy, really fresh.
Switch – These guys are doing some really cool shit.
Spank Rock – The album’s really cool. I’m really digging that cut up, up tempo hip-hop. I’m really finding it inspiring at the moment.
Trentmoller – Every time I hear one of their tracks I want to give up music. Just wicked’

Inspirations aside, Kid Kenobi has had a couple of tunes out this year, most notably and recently, his collaborations with Hook N Sling.

So will there be any Kid Kenobi productions on the new CD?
‘I’ve never been in this position before to go ‘Oh, I might just put that track of mine, or maybe another one’, it’s always been like ‘have I got anything of mine to put on?’ This year has been a lot better in terms of production, so I’m definitely gonna put at least one of my tracks on there.’

Speaking of the Hook N Sling collaboration, I hear that The Bump has been picking up a lot of support.
‘The Tonight Only remix is doing really well. Pete Tong played it three weeks in a row. It’s quite a spin-out actually. It’s hilarious to hear Pete Tong back announcing your track.’

Over the last couple of years Kid Kenobi has been able to listen to Pete Tong quite regularly as he has spent the UK summertime living and touring in the UK.

So how was it?
‘This was the first year that I’ve noticed English people, and not just Australians coming up and saying ‘We saw you last time’ or you know, ‘You’re one of our favorite DJ’s’. When you don’t get out there very often, to hear an English person say that is a really big compliment.’

So would you think of moving to the UK full time?
‘On one level I actually really like England as a beautiful country, we do a lot of gigs in Scotland and Cornwall. On another level, career wise, possibly if I felt I needed to. I’m pretty happy at the moment. The fact I can go overseas and get gigs at Fabric. I think it’s nice to be a touring Australian.’

And playing at Fabric, it can’t get much better than that?
‘No, and this is the first time, I’ve not felt like an impostor. The first time I played I felt like a little kid walking round going ‘Wow, I can’t believe I get to watch this dj, and this DJ. Then a few times later I get a call saying ‘Fabric want to know what your schedule is. I’m like, are you for real? They actually want to let me play at the club? It’s very surreal.’

So back to the here and now, sunnier climate and silly season.
‘Subconsciously I’m going what? Haven’t we had festival season already? I get back to Australia, and its like ‘shit that’s right, it’s only just starting.’

So will you be touring for the new album?
‘We start at the end of January and go through till the end of March. It was going to be massive but I have to go back to the States. I think I’m doing 25 nights now.”

So will you be sharing motel rooms with Goodwill?
‘Yeah probably bunk-beds. I haven’t chosen top or bottom yet, it depends how drunk he is.’

So check out Kid Kenobi over the summer, catch the Clubbers Guide to 2007 out mid Jan, or look out for some of his own productions.