Interview with Tobi Neumann…

… about how he sees the current situation in Ibiza, about his music, about Berlin and about if Ibiza should have an open-air festival.





We spoke with Tobi Neumann about how he sees the current situation in Ibiza, about his music, about Berlin and about if Ibiza should have an open-air festival.


Since how long are you coming to the island and how would you describe Ibiza to someone who has never been here before?
Since 1999 I am coming regularly to Ibiza in the summer. And I would describe it as a place where you are closer to the music than at the most other classical holiday locations. The combination between sun, beach, fish, house-music and party-life is pretty unique.

Does Ibiza influence your work as an artist and producer? In which way do you find inspiration here?
Of course it inspires me a lot. There is all over the year ideas which I save just for the summer months in Ibiza. There is a certain hypnotic aspect in some tracks which are “just made” for Amnesia’s terrace or some crazy pool parties. I think Ibiza is dedicated to a certain feeling in music.

Do you agree with some people who say that Ibiza is a magical place? Did ever anything magical happen to you here?
This question is a bit too much for me. I am not very esoteric.

Is it the atmosphere, the cosmopolitan young crowd, the sun and the sea, or what else do you think is so special for a DJ to play here?
I think for DJ’s its quite important to play here because the most party promoters from the world are hanging out at least for a couple of weeks on the island in the summer. So it‘s good to play and try to stick in their memories after the summer. Than you will have bookings.

What’s your sound of this summer and which productions do you feature most?
House is back, for me now almost too much. A lot of filter-action and sound which I know from my early Ibiza experiences. Sometimes it‘s a time warp 2009 > 1997. But also music with Spanish vocals is very popular at the moment. Even ex-progressive artists are doing this right now which should be an alarm sign! For me at the moment the new releases of Luciano‘s Cadenza imprint are reaching the highest quality level, they are very musical and perfect for being played in Ibiza.

If you look back on the development of the island in the last years, do you think there are some aspects of life that have changed?
Yes, not so much shitty trance and stupid progressive anymore, isn‘t it wonderful? Or do you miss it?

How do you see the current situation with the new laws on opening hours?
A tiring issue! Unfortunately Spain turned into a pretty un-liberal police country which now, especially in Catalonia, has very strict rules. But so far this I had a lot of fun in Ibiza, had several very good after-parties and was even playing on the beach. So there are still places where you can find it. And the closing policy for the Cocoon parties at the Amnesia is better than in the last years!

Basically everywhere in the world people usually go out on the weekends and in the night-time. Ibiza is different; you can party also during the week. But could be another reason why many young people chose Ibiza for their holiday also because it offers the alternative to enjoy a party in the light of the day?
Because you need at least one alternative to Berlin‘s nightlife.

You are living and working in Berlin. What are the main differences for DJ’s and clubbers in terms of party culture between the big German capital and the little Mediterranean island?
More hot chicks in Ibiza!

Do you think parties have a cultural and social function?
Yes, meeting as many hot chicks as possible and making a culture out of it like my buddy Marco!

In Berlin it’s possible to party “all around the clock” for those who want it. It seems that there are no restrictions for party lovers. Do you think with the new laws in the island that Ibiza has lost a bit of its party qualities?
I think if you would do the same in Ibiza than in Berlin, it would lose its beauty. You could see this in the years between 2004 and 2008 when a certain party became very successful, which was almost unlimited, the crowd changed completely and suddenly we had aggression and even fights on some parties. So I think a certain limitation is good for the quality of the crowd.

Do you think Ibiza should have a big open-air festival like many other places in the world?
Yes there should be more big festivals, at least for one week in the season like the Amsterdam Dance Event or the Sonar. Don’t forget in 2000 they had a festival “Ibiza the Rock” in a valley close to St. Antonio. I was there and it was great!

What’s on your studio agenda, on which productions you are working right now?
I am working on an album which probably will be finished in 2015 and I am working together with my mate Matthew Styles on tracks for our project eMT. Also I just did a new mix CD for my home label Cocoon together with my friend Onur Özer for the Green & Blue festival. And I am writing country songs on my guitar, very nice by the way!

Thank you very much and see you soon!
You are welcome!

Tobi Neumann
Latest release: eMT “extra lunch” Cocoon Compilation 2009
Upcoming release: eMT “midnight melodies” prob. Cocoon

Tobi’s dates in Ibiza in September:
03.09. & 17.09.2009: Monza @ Privilege
05.09.2009: Zoo Project Closing @ Galanight

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