Interview with System of Survival

System of Survival

Last year, DC10 close down, this years is the second year of closure. How did this affect you, what are you thinking about these restrictions?

It is a strange situation, our most important place to play and the best party for us got lost. It was a very important party for the locals, over the years it became more popular but it never lost its special vibe.

So it was a hit in the face for everyone – artists, owners and the audience. How are you feeling this year, has the vibe become fully relieved?

For us especially nothing changed because DC10 is still closed, and we still don’t know how it’s going to be next year and so on. We have some locations to play this summer, but not as residents, we are just coming to play as guests.

So which are the places you are playing on the island this summer?

We just hosted a party for our new record label Ianus71 at the Channel Zoo in San Antonio and now we will play at the Zoo Project on Saturday, 15th of August. Also we are going to play at Underground but we have no fi xed dates yet. We have a regular day in Delano; we always play there on Thursdays during and invite some friends to play with us.

And how would you describe your sound?

Deep, funk. Full of soul.

Playa d´en Bossa has loads of new beach clubs this summer. Do you like how this area has developed? Which is your favourite place to have a drink?

Yes, over the past years it was a very commercial place for the tourists and especially for very young people. Last year the bars in town got restrictions and so people tend to shift to the new beach clubs.

Now, after the opening of these bars, the place has changed, the beach is very clean, the bars offer a wide range of special parties apart from the big clubs. People can have a drink, dinner and stay on the beach to enjoy early night dancing with the best local and international DJ’s playing there. Our favourite place to spend the day and evenings is Delano, because we’re playing there and it’s a nice little club and a meeting point for friends and local DJ’s. Ushuaia is a very good place to go to daytime parties in the late afternoon, great view and the dunes around.

Upcoming releases in progress?

We are working in the studio and hosting parties for our new label in London. In Switzerland we are playing for a party of Circo Loco with Luciano, Dan Ghenacia and Mirko Loko. Circo Loco is closed but we’re not getting bored. Our next release will be out on our label Ianus71 soon and is called Courtney’s Dawn.

Thank you very much!