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Interview with Nick Curly

In March your debut album „Between the Lines“ will be out. Why did you just now decide to come out with a LP?
Nick Curly: I had the idea long time ahead and then it was just the perfect time to come out with it. I had set myself no deadline. The album should be released in the moment I knew I would be satisfied 100% with the work, and that is the case now.


What standard did you apply to your first long player?
Nick Curly: My claim was above all quality. I wanted to show a slightly more mature side of Nick Curly, and also create something timeless. It was also very important for me not to use many samples but integrate live instruments and vocals instead.

„Between the lines“ shows you more than an artist and musician, not so much as a DJ. Mean, it’s made rather to listen to it than made for the disco. Is that correct? Why you decided to go this way?
Nick Curly: Yes, exactly. „Between the lines“ should not be an album with just 13 club tracks. Certainly one or the other track is suitable for the dance floor. But actually it was my focus to release an album that you can hear through from beginning to end and that follows a coherent line.

Does this not involve a certain risk when a club DJ shows another, new side?
Nick Curly: It is not like that I do not produce any more club tracks. I’ve released two EPs earlier this year on 8bit and Cecille Records, aimed primarily for the club audience. In summer, a few more remixes to „Between the Lines“ will appear, which probably will be more clubby.

Was it clear to you to release the album on your own label? What advantages did you see in doing so?
Nick Curly: For me, it was clear from the outset that I will release „Between the Lines“ on one of my labels. After last year on 8bit Records we already had the Gorge album, I decided to go for Cécille. The biggest advantage is certainly that as a label manager can make all the decisions regarding the album itself. So I can realize my visions without restrictions. I find this especially important with something so personal like an artist album.

What is your other planning from 2012? Will there be more EPs and remixes? Can you already tell something?
Nick Curly: This year for sure will be released one or another new EP. I’m currently working on the compilation of the 2012 Kehakuma season at Space Ibiza.