Interview with Mike Menudo

mike menudo

Music at the beach is something that makes Ibiza really special! There are only very few islands in the world like Ibiza, Goa or Jamaica which are so famous for their music, and in the same time places where you can listen to great music open air and enjoy the natural open sea and sun scenery.

Go to the beach and listen! Read here what Ibiza beach DJ Mike Menudo (23) about his job:

Since how many years are you dj’ing at the beach?

It’s my first year as a DJ in Ibiza! Last summer I spend the first season in the island and the lifestyle and the feeling impressed me so much. Music for me is the most important thing and I made some contacts with some places here. Then in November the guys from Beach Palace offered me to be become their resident DJ in 2010, so here I am!

What do you think is the special thing about playing music at the beach?

The island and its beaches attract me like a magnet and it’s just simply a matter of fact that in Ibiza you can experience the best parties in the world with the best sound. I love music, I think it’s something very nice! At the beach you have this beautiful feeling and it makes me happy even when I see people dancing to my music.

In which location are you the resident DJ this year?

Well as I said this summer I’m going to play at Beach Palace at Playa d’en Bossa and I’m right looking forward to it! It’s a cool place and a super hang out for warm ups. I’m there every day and hosting the pre parties. The team there is very nice and the guests are very relaxed and valuate good music.

How is the atmosphere there and what kind of people go there?

The place has a restaurant, baar and lounge areas, so from dining to partying everything is possible. We have families here and also the young people who come for the parties. Beach Palace is a very beautiful place with oriental atmosphere, Buddha statues and Bali beds.

What style of tracks are you playing? Dance or chill?

My music is minimal and tech house and my favorite parties on the island are Cocoon, Kehakuma, Circoloco and now Sundays at Pacha with Cadenza, but of course for the sessions at Beach Palace I play more chilled out deep house sets!

What time of the day is the best to come and hear you playing at the beach?

Usually I’m there all the time. I’m putting my playtimes on Facebook so you can check there, normally from early afternoon and depending on the party and crowd I’m playing until midnight.