Interview with Guy Gerber

Guy Gerber ibizaHola Guy, how are doing?

Are you enjoying your summer in Ibiza?

I’m doing very good. Ibiza is my favorite place and this year it seems that the island is alive again. Last year you held your first full season residency on the party island, what was new for you, and how was your experience? It was the first time I had a residency in anything and I have to say that I really liked it! I had a villa that was 5 minutes away from the club. It was really cool to do the warm ups at Be at Space because usually I play the peak times. And it was very interesting to see how the crowd at the party changes every week.
We can see you playing at Space again this summer, what do you like most about this club?
The crew is very supportive and well organised, and I like that I can play whatever music I want to play.

For how long have you been involved in Ibiza?
First: It’s an island. And the size creates somehow a feeling of familarity. Also the view is so beautiful but not in a cheesy way. There is still something very wild in all these green trees in front of the blue sea. Together with the amazing food and all the beautiful women and the pirate history it is close to perfection.

Guy Gerber ibizaOn which projects are you working right now?
I’m finishing 2 albums at the moment. One is my own, and the other one is an experimental project that I’m doing with P.Diddy and his Dirty Money crew. It started out of a remix project and in the end Puff really liked it and said why don’t we make an album out of it. The music is really, really deep and different from other things that I have done. I play bass guitar and a lot of organs and it is somehow a fusion of British alternative and soulful R’n’B and I have to say that I’m extremely proud of the result.
Ok. Now comes a political question: Can you define who or what a „partisan“ is?
Well, it’s someone who is staying in the forest with camouflage and is saving some Jewish guys if needed.

Is there anything you want to say about Partysan Magazine?
It’s addictive. When it’s in your hand you will open it and read it, even if the story is about Erick Morillo.
Lol. Thank you Guy and have a fantastic time.

Interview by Rica / CaminoPR