Dubfire: I simply gravitate towards music …

As part of Deep Dish he received more awards than we can count – including the Grammy, but what we can say for sure is that we know him being still a DJ who is always sticking to his roots, driven by the passion of electronic music and the enthusiasm of the audience. Dubfire’s sound is like a precision machine in full swing, a mechanism in which each break and each transition fits.


Ali aka Dubfire will be playing at the 4th „PARTYSAN Day & Night Festival“ in Stuttgart on Saturday, 5th of May 2012. Of course we will also see him performing again this summer in Ibiza at Cocoon, Circoloco and at the Space Opening party, on Sunday, 27th of May 2012.

PARTYSAN editor Raphael Dincsoy got the chance to speak to Dubfire about his music, the upcoming PARTYSAN Festival (he is one of the guest DJs since 2009) and about his new productions.

Hi Ali, you are back as a headliner at the PARTYSAN Day & Night Festival in May 2012. Do you have any memories from your first bookings in Stuttgart?
Well I’d actually played in Stuttgart in the 90’s when Deep Dish first came to Germany. I can’t recall the name of the club (M1?) but remember having a wonderful time. Not sure why it took so many years to come back in 2009 but it´s definitely worth it!

The festival developed and grew immensely in the last years. This year the promoters brought it to a bigger venue, the Glaspalast in Sindelfingen. How do you feel when you see that an electronic music festival is evolving and growing?
Glad to see that the festival has grown! And really looking forward to seeing how the music scene has developed alongside it.

You play at a lot of big festivals around the world. What do you like more – the atmosphere of the big stages or the atmosphere at smaller, intimate clubs?
For me, being in a position to balance both is essential. There is a different energy that you get from larger crowds that you can not replicate in a much smaller and more intimate venue and vice-versa.

Do you play differently at big festivals with thousands of people and for a dance floor of 600 to 700 people? What is the difference in your sets?
Yes my sets are much different when I play larger events because generally speaking, you tend to only play anywhere from an hour to 2 at the most so you don’t have as much time to build things up musically; not to mention not being able to play the weirder, deeper bits.

You are known for beeing a very technical oriented producer. You are using a lot of tools in your DJ sets. Can you tell us a bit about your current setup?
I still use Traktor software along with two X1 controllers and machine to run drum sequences, but early last year I added a 3rd X1 to my setup which allows me dedicated control of the Sample Deck in the current version of Traktor. It adds an entirely new layer of loops and sounds that I can add to how I normally perform. At times, it does become too much to manage but in the end it allows for far more creative possibilities.

You are running your own label and currently out is another smasher EP by Macromism. Really a big release for Sci+Tec. How do you select tracks and artists for the label?
I simply gravitate towards music that I can fit into my sets or that interests me musically. There is no master plan with the label – only to release quality music as it finds it’s way to me. I’m also always looking out for newer, unknown talents.


Can you tell something about upcoming Sci+Tec stuff ?
I’ve actually mapped out the releases for the entire year with my team so there’s quite a lot coming, notably much more by SHDWPLAY, a new mix compilation and single by Carlo Lio, old-school acid by Germany’s own Snuff Crew, an EP by newcomer Ron Schubert, another single by Zoo Brazil as well as quite a few singles that I have just recently completed for release this year.

Your own releases are a bit rare. When we can expect a new Dubfire EP?
I’ve had quite a number of trax that I’d complete over the past two years but nothing that I was super satisfied with until just recently. I’ve got 3 singles which i’m quite happy with so really looking forward to getting them out there and seeing the reactions. And Oliver Huntemann and I have just begun recording the last two installments of our „Elements“ series.

We are looking forward to hearing all this new sound! At the end, maybe a short message to your fans?!
I’m very excited to be coming back and look forward to meeting, speaking to and obviously performing for you!

Thank you for your time!

Munich, Germany, 4th of May
Stuttgart, Germany, PARTYSAN Day&Night Festival, 5th of May
Space Ibiza Opening on Sunday, 27th May
Amnesia Ibiza (Cocoon) on Monday, 9th of July

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