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Interview with Dj Rush

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Hi Isaiah,  after more than two years, you are finally back in Stuttgart. RUSH is back in Benztown. Your fans and us are count the days till November 19th since the date is announced. For many years you were playing a lot in Stuttgart and ist area around. You have incredible lot of fans here. What do you associate/connecting with Stuttgart ? Are you happy / Looking forward to play here again ?

I use to come often to Stuttgart, but things has changed because of the goverment in the area, I am guessing things are different now, because the Major is coming back to his old stomping grounds. I am looking forward to come back and play. 2 years is to long to be away fromm y fans and supporters. I only hope they miss me and will come out and celebrate a nice night with me.

Maybe do you remeber your very first gig in Stuttgart ? Where was it and when ?

OMG it was to long ago, I think it was in 1998 for boobie I don’t remember i fit was called M1 back then but it was really nice and underground.. Stuttgart always had it’s own flow and vibe and it was always a pleasure to come and play in this city.

Did you know, that the Lehmann Club is in the location of the old M1 ? It s completely rebuilt. New PA, new bars/floors but i guess you will feel a bit homelike?

I had no idea that it’s the old M1 club, so it’s like going home with a new look and sound. I am curious to see how much things has changed in this location and the people. With a new location comes new vibes, and I am ready to bring some of my new vibe with me and celebrate.

We felt, it was a bit more quiet about DJ Rush the last months. Of course you are still headlining the biggest festivals, but it seems that your club gigs were a bit more rare. Is that true or do i have a wrong sight on it ? I fit s true, what s the reason ?  

I am still doing the club scene, I have been going so strong for years none Stop, and some clubs had to wait 2 years to book me, as the years passes you realized how long you have been doing the clubs and festivals and there are other countries that I was playing and not only Germany, you how to be careful not to play in certain area’s so much or near to each other so my manage always did a good job to make sure I had a break from certain areas and kept me busy in other countries and other parts of Germany, but for the last 2 years.

I tried to slow down, because I want to spend more time and weekends to myself and going home more to Chicago, so I did just that, life isn’t always a party, you need to calm down and enjoy other things in life. It feels so good to have a free weekend just doing something different than music, traveling and hotels. Why play just to play or to say I am fully booked this month, I do it fort he love and fun, not fort he fame ort he money. If you see me playing some where it’s because I want to be there.

 On September 11th i ve been reading a very honest and very detailed statement of you on facebook. I interpreted that you are not really happy with the current situation and with the scene and the music around you. You want to get a bit more distance to your Schranz/Hardtechno Image.  How would you describe the current sound of Dj Rush ?

From the day the word Schranz was developed I always distance myself from that word, I never claimed to be apart of this, I always tried to promote my style as being full of energy, because you never knew what to expect from me when I graced the stage and got onto the turntables, I always combined different styles of music into my set, and this why the name Rush became something special in the scene, people wanted to just have fun and I gave that to them, as the years went on the music styles has changed, and djing became more easy.

You had digital and it made it easy for anyone to become a dj, so you had all these people coming out making parties, and friends booking headliners so their friends can play also with them, then you had the whole scene I help built come to a stand still, because everyone wanted to do the rush thing but not knowing the history and doing it for the right reasons.

So I became bored and frustrated because it wasn’t about the dance floor anymore , it was about how popular a dj is , how hard or fast a dj can go, and this I can not support, so I got more and more tired of seeing this on the events I was playing, dj’s before me playing 165bpm, dj’s after me playing faster or harder, no one looking like their having fun, no more ladies on the floor, and the crowd just looked nasty.

All I help built was being destroyed so I decided to pack my bags and distance myself from these promoters and these events, and continue do do and play what I love and that’s music with Energy and good vibes.When you hear my music, it makes you happy and want to dance, you feel sexy and good. It makes you want to go out and party and you enjoy the people you celebrate with.

What I do and stand for is fun and energy. I wish never to play on events that put me into a box example parties with a schranz theme or hard techno theme, or saying this event will make your nose bleed and tear your brains out, this is not me, my event should be about the date, time, location and good vibes…

You are speaking about some news in 2012.  But you made it a bit exciting and not very detailed. What can we expect of you in 2012 ?  

2012 has been in the making since summer 2011, I can not give full details until after my meeting with my manager. We have some things in the works. It’s time for some changes and it’s time to start some new trends and gain some new energy. just keep looking out for it and checking my website, facebook page and follow me on tweeter… You will now soon enough trust me..

Was is your aim/ intent or was it a hazard /fortune that your statement was published on September 11th ? Such a day of change,  one of the most tragically days in history. Also a day of saying good bye…

I never pick certain days to anything. I guess everything is done for reason and with time. I didn’t notice I posted my statement on September 11, that goes to show I react to my feelings, not just because I how or to get attention. Music is my guide and now I am being guided in another and better direction.

You are still also running your label Kne Deep Records. Which releases are scheduled for the next weeks / months ? Can you tell us a bit on that ?

Kne’ Deep is still kicking and I have the next few releases ready to be heard..  The next Stepps are:  KD059 loolin, KD060 DJ Rush ( going back to my roots on this one) KD061 Andy todd KD062 J.Fernandes KD063 Daniel and adreas K. KD064 Huma Noyd KD064 Dj Rush vs Huma Noyd vs J. Fernandes (this will be released on Vinyl and cd, because it’s not your normal release it will be a special monster hit and the first 1000 will be passed out on the rush and friends record release tour after it will go on sale in stores, so the party people will get it first…

After living in Berlin, you moved to Amsterday. There you living actually. What makes this city so special for you ?

Amsterdam huh? I am still a Berliner, I still live in USA, I just don’t get to go home often . I do spend some time in Amsterdam. You can say I am living all over the world spreading some Rush love!

But more and more you also switching between Europe and USA. You are somebody who needs his family and your family is really really important for you. How can we imagine your time at your real home ? How does Isaiah Major spend his free time ?

I love when I go home, I get to relax in my house, I have a game room where I can watch dvd’s as loud as I like, I have original video games machine, like pac man, space invaders, frogger, then I have your typical playstation, and I have a slot machine to gamble, then I can walk around in the nature, but I am not a big nature fan. Then I drive over to see my mother and father and spend as much time with them as possible.

I take them shopping and into the city, we go to this special cinema I love, where you have these really big seats, that stretch out into a bed, with pillows and balnkets and you can order food and drinks and watch a nice movie, each room has about 45 seats, so it’s a vip cinema, and we all love this. I also spend a lot of time with my niece, so I am so happy when I go home, no traveling, parties, hotels, just me and family and my quite time alone in my house…

To the end, maybe a short preview on Nov 19th. What can we expect of your dj set ? Maybe a short message for your fans in stuttgart and area ?

If you’re looking for some good energy and vibes, then November 19th Lehmann ist he place to be,. If you’re looking to dance your stress away from school, work or relationship Lehmann Nov. 19th ist he place to be. If  you ladies want to hear music that will make you feel sexy and shake your body and they guys want to have a nice time with the ladies then Nov. 19th Lehmann is the place to be. If you believe Rush can deliver all this to you, then you better get ready and get down to Lehmann Nov.19th because I am ready to bring the Energy@Lehmann November 19th.2011

Thank you very, very much for your time and the interview! We are really looking forward to see you at the Lehmann Club in November.

Thank you and I am looking forward to share my vision with you all..