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Interview: Alan Fitzpatrick

alan fitzpatrick from drumcode interview

Alan, i guess 2010 was the most busy year for you so far. I think in 2011 you will still straight raise up. But, what did Alan Fitzpatrick do, before he was a famous Dj and Musicproducer?

HA! yes its been a busy few years. Ok, before I was a DJ/Producer I had a whole load of different jobs, but mainly for the last 8 years of my „other“ working life I was working for a company called Skandia who deal in Insurance and Pensions.

Your career is running very fast. After one digital release on Evasive, you had directly after it, releases on very big ones like Bedrock, Excentric, your own 8 Sided Dice and especially on Adam Beyer`s Drumcode. How would you explain your fast and early success?

I think I was just lucky enough to get my music to the right people and into the right hands. I did a lot of networking and speaking to people. I think if you have good people skills then its a great help.

How did you get in touch with Drumcode and Adam Beyer the first time?

Adam was playing a remix of mine on other labels, I had messaged him to thank him for the support. We chatted about me doing something for Drumcode and so I started working on music for the label. A few years on and we are now good friends and Drumcode is a home for my music.

Especially Face Of Recjection was hammered in all clubs all over the techno-world. Nearly all big names like Sven Väth, Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer and many many more played and supported that track. How does it feel, if you know that most of all important Techno-Heads are supporting and playing a  track of you?  People all over the world are dancing to your beats…

Yes its a great feeling and its very nice to see your hard work in the studio pay off. It pushes you on to do more tracks and inspires you to want to write more music. There is nothing better than seeing and hearing your track played by your peers!

drumcode logo beyerLast year you were honoured to do also an album on Drumcode. Your first and the first on Drumcode since 2005: Shadows in the dark. I decided to review it as Record of the Month last year. The album was showing you not only as an Techno producer, I guess it was showing you as an music artist. Did you had a concept for Shadows in the dark? How log did it take to finish it?

The album took between 6-8 months to put together. Its always a slower proces because you want to make sure its right and you want to be able to really do a good job. I wanted to show people the different sides to my music, whether it be Techno, Ambient, Tech House etc. I think an album is a perfect platform to show people what you can do. I cant wait to do another one! 😉

For sure, you had some great releases after your album. For example “The Heist” or “Insurgent Series”. Last one includes Tinitus. In my opinion, one of the currently best Techno tracks. What is scheduled for 2011? Can you tell us a bit about upcoming stuff and projects?

Thank you very much. This year I have a couple of new tracks to come out on my 8 Sided Dice label, including a new collab with Cari Lekebusch. I am working on some new music for Drumcode and I have finished a few tracks with Adam Beyer. Also coming soon are some remixes I have finished for Funk D’Void, Mark Broom and Alex Bau. I am in discussion with Joseph Capriati as we really want to do something together also.

I heard something about cooperation with Adam Beyer – is that true and can you tell us something more?

Yes I have done 3 tracks with Adam. We are not 100% if they are finished yet and I am not sure what we will do with them. Watch this space i Guess!

Next to your career as a musician, you be a father and houseband (?I m Not 100% sure)
How does this work? How does Alan`s family day look like?

Yes, typically I spend as much time as i can with Mylo, my baby boy who is now 1 year old this month. An example of my week would be that monday i rest and recover from the weekend, than I do something with Mylo. Tuesday is my promo/email/studio/catch up day, Wednesday I spend with the family. Thursday is another music day of Studio, emails, meetings and stuff. Then the weekend is here again and I travel friday,saturday and sunday playing clubs!

Your first time in Stuttgart was last year in September at the Romy S. How was your first impression of the Stuttgart club and party scene?

I really enjoyed it, I love playing in Germany and its always a pleasure. Romy S was great and the crowd were perfect. I have a lot of friends in Germany who i have met over the years so I love going there.

On April23th you are finally back in town This time at the Club Lehmann. Personally I m very happy about that and hope this time all will working well. After the trouble last time hahaha Do you already know something about the Club Lehmann? Maybe heard some storys of experiences of friends and dj colleagues ?

Yes, fucking British Airways caused me a problem last time and a crash on the highway to the airport. I am super excited to be back and I cannot wait! I have heard lots of things about the club and they have all been good experiences. its going to be a great night.

 What can we and the Lehmann crowd expect of you that night? Do you have a last message for our Technoheads out there?

Yes, I look forward to seeing you all soon and Ill be sure to drop lots of new fresh beats and a lot of my new productions. I am very excited to play at Lehmann. See you on the Dancefloor!

Cheers mate, looking forward to see you soon !