For some music enthusiasts Luciano is a God. A Chat with God.

For some music enthusiasts Luciano is a God. They worship his name and his music and wherever he plays his fans go crazy. We can not verify if it’s true and if Luciano really is a God, but one thing we can say for sure: he is an extremely cool daddy.

We visited Luciano at his house in Ibiza and met him right in the moment when he was preparing breakfast for his kids. Luciano is one of the key figures and resident DJs of Circoloco.

For him Ibiza is the ideal place because of its atmosphere that reminds him of a mix of Chile and Europe: “This year I decided to stay here for six months. For me and my family it’s just perfect”. The first time he came to Ibiza was in the late 90’s when Ricardo invited him to work with him on some music.

He was supposed to stay only two days which turned into three unforgettable weeks. Afterwards Luciano felt that he had to return to the island. Things started moving when he was booked the first time to play for Cocoon at Amnesia.

One night he found himself at a foam party, ending up at DC10 without shoes. “There I heard Tania Vulcano playing one of my records and I went to say hello. That’s how my story with DC10 began.”

It was roughly ten years ago, the time when there were much fewer people partying at the old finca on the road to Salinas, most of them workers. Andrea and Antonio Pelino, Cirillo, Fabrizio and Tania, Charlie Chester and Jo Mills would never have imagined that this marked the beginning of the legendary Monday morning after-hours, a success story of global fame and glory.
“It was one of the real parties for the locals and it was a magical place. Everybody was equal, it was open-air and you had the airplanes over your head. You had the feeling of floating in time and space”, Luciano recalls.
Circoloco on Mondays never made a big buzz around the party circuit; it was never intended to create a big brand or to follow a certain strategy to gain publicity or to manipulate people to make them come to their parties. Circoloco became famous because of the deep feeling of love of its fans for the music. More and more people were fascinated by the tolerance and lack of restrictions and within a few years the club was named as one of the best in the world.

Luciano is absolutely sure that he will come back next year to live here, whether or not DC10 is open or closed. Regarding the new laws, he sees a problem with the island’s economy: “This won’t affect the tourists so much than the people who live and work here, who depend on this kind of tourism.”  The idea of turning Ibiza into a second Saint Tropez seems to him the wrong track. “If I were president of Ibiza I would try to balance all interests of all groups of people like the families, the kids, the clubbers and the jet set, and to make everyone happy. In Ibiza is enough space for everyone. I would establish an educational program and teach people to take more care about the environment. Also I would tell the clubbers not to party five days, but instead to party only one day and relax two, and to respect the island”.