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Ibiza, Inspiration and Sex

LunaNacktCover-SlidLuna is a bestselling author living in the island now from since almost 5 years. Her books and audio books deal with the most pleasant activity – making love, and that’s why the protagonists in her work share the same desire for passionate, wild and adventurious sex.

Writing about sex is Luna’s job. We met her to speak about this unusual profession being an author of sex stories, and in this interview she is revealing her techniques (rather job related writing techniques than sexual techniques) so what else then to say than – enjoy!

Is sex overvalued nowadays?
On the contrary! In a world that is flooded with cheap pornography and in which body liquids are exchanged mainly in a quite random ways, sex is even devalued in my opinion.

Do you think we practise less sex than our parents?

I do not think that you can answer to this question in a generalized way. However, referring to that it is interesting to see that in the past decades men would have wanted more sex from their wives. But today the situation has changed so far that it is more and more the women who complain about their “sex-tired” partners.

Do sex and eroticism form pieces of emotional life quality?
This, of course, depends very much on how strongly we allow our erotic and sexual experiences to touch us on an emotional level. If we merely “consume” sex, its effect on our quality of life is similar as the inane effect of fast food.

What is the focus of your books? What are they all about?
Very clearly, I write about sex. In doing so, I lecherously call a spade a spade, without relinquishing an exciting or interesting plot. To me it’s important that the reader can identify himself or herself with my protagonists, as well as my stories evermore seduce with a so to speak “verbal foreplay” which wants to tease one into the erotic scene with all senses. Because of this you should never listen to my audio books while driving a car hahaha…

How important is love in your sex stories?
At first glance, love plays a minor part in my stories – since it is neither a compelling supposition nor necessary consequence of a randy shag. But as I create my stories as dissimilar as possible, even with this topic all varieties are present. For example my story Süchtig (“Addicted”), in which the most blissful, awesome sex coincides with a true love. This combination anyway is the strongest drug at all – and should, therefore, be dosed carefully, also in a book about sex!

What elements have to be there to create a good sex story?
First of all, the should be two or more protagonists – thus contributors – who really do enjoy sex without inhibitions. Second, you need a fairly plausible story – to make the action “perceptible”. And third, you need the skill of narrating this story, as well as an undisputed flair for the description of sexual practices, genitals, erotic dialogues, etc.

How do you find the best words to describe this kind of delicate scenes?
I prefer a direct mode of expression without being vulgar. I write in German which is not a particularly euphonic language, but according to its complexity this language is an unique playground for an eloquent writer. In addition, usually one of my favourite stylistic devices in writing is a pinch of irony, to neutralize putative “awkwardness”.

How many different words do you have to relate to the sexual act?
Many! I can not count them, as it often happens that I have to invent an explicit word – simply because I need something particularly special for a particularly special scene.

Is it Ibiza a good place to inspire you for your erotic stories?
Definitely! As small as Ibiza is as wide is the range of interesting people you can meet here. Since I live on this island, my eyes and ears are almost permanently set on reception. Many people here are like I prefer to write my stories: individual and fascinating.

What do you think about sex and eroticism in Ibiza? Is something different?
The island’s often praised Scorpio energy is, among others, a very sexual energy. Nobody who comes to Ibiza remains untouched of this energy and there are many possibilities to let it free. Over the centuries, hedonism was a recurring theme here on the island, and still almost everything is possible because Ibiza confronts the people with their hidden urges and desires.

Do you think Ibiza is a “sexy” island?
Open your eyes and see… Close your eyes – and feel…

Since when do you live in Ibiza and how is your work flow here?
4 and a half years ago I – finally – moved to Ibiza, and this new way of living is getting along perfectly with my job as a writer. I live very idyllicly in the campo, and at home I find the peace which I need for my writing. Also I often do walks along the sea. The wide horizon, the colours, the smell – for me this is like a meditation and a tremendous help to get back in focus. I never really have “closing time” because when I go out is not just for amusement, but above all stimulating my imaginativeness. As I said before, my eyes and ears are almost permanently set on reception mode.

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