Getting closer to Paul van Dyk

Paul has a lot of energy and when asked how he reloads his batteries, he simply answers that it’s the passion and enthusiasm for his work which makes him move.

“For me Ibiza always is a thrilling mix of a great club night and a festival. People who come to Cream desire sophisticated music but also just want to have fun. I have a very clear vision of the kind of sound I’m playing in my sets here, but also it depends a lot on how the crowd behaves”.


Paul van Dyk is a person who always seeks out for new tasks and when he speaks he speaks in colourful images. It’s a pure pleasure to listen to him.

Since the start of his career as a professional DJ in 1993 he has been regarded as a pioneer and leading figure of the scene. He has sold over three million records so far, playing for nearly three million people at his more than 100 appearances a year.

He is an international superstar and has been around the world 16 times.
But his activities go far beyond those of a DJ.
Van Dyk is a composer, producer and presenter.
He is an entrepreneur with his own record label, Vandit Records, and runs the internet radio station
“For me the sound of the moment is relatively tough techno beats with strong baselines, progressive speed and trancey breaks”, Paul says.

Over and beyond his work in music van Dyk is closely involved in social and political initiatives and in 2006 he was awarded the Berlin Medal of honour for his services.

He loves his hometown Berlin, and also he loves the world, and of course Ibiza is a well-known and very familiar place to him. “Already last year we all saw that there will be some changes with the clubbing policies in Ibiza. To be honest, there must be strong basic conditions, otherwise who will take the responsibility if any accidents happen? But on the other hand, it’s counterproductive to close all clubs at the same time so all people will be released to the street simultaneously. That’s really bullshit”.

What does he think about the reconstructed terrace of Amnesia? “The new terrace is very big and great now. But it seems the atmosphere is missing a bit. We were considering switching the booth from time to time but I decided I will stay at the main room”, he says with a winking eye.