Dave Tarrida … dress up like Rocky Balboa

Dave Tarrida started his career in 1991 at Edinburgh´s infamous Sativa club, as promoter and dj. this was the club that also saw the debut´s of Neil Landstrumm and Tobias Schmidt.

1994 saw the start of Sativae Recordings which he ran with Steve Glencross, seeing influential releases from close friends like Cristain Vogel andLandstrumm as well as artists such as DJ Hell and Jay Denham.

Techno DJ Dave Tarrida from Vienna, Austria

Hi Dave, by now, your living in Vienna. How ist he austrian Summer and how is your german actually ?  

Yes, im living in Vienna just now, beautiful spring but a pretty dreadful wet summer so far ….. and my deutsch is getting better slowly. langsam, langsam….

On September 17th we celebrate 15 yeras of Club Prag in Stuttgart. Unfortunately not in the old Prag but at the follower, at the club Lehmann. You are playing in Stuttgart for many many years. You were a part of nearly the whole Prag / Neue Heimat era. Do you remember your very first gig at the Prag ? When was it and how was is at this time for you?

I have really great memories from stuttgart, over all the years. I made many great friend there, all the guys from Humpty Records and Neue Heimat did great things here. It was always one of my favorite places to play, i cant remember the first year year, maybe 1995? It was one of the first parties there, and i played together with Cristian Vogel. I only remember it was great and we were suuuuuper drunk.  I was lucky to be able to come back so many times.

What makes the Prag so special for you compared with other clubs ?

I think that because Daniel and Humpty Records were so behind our music and pushing it from the shop, we were lucky to have such a strong fanbase in Stuttgart, and that always meant great clubnights at prag!

Do you remember some very positive, crazy/weird, or negative experiences / moments at the Prag ? Something you very like to remember or something you better want to forget ?

There were so many positive memories there, funny things happening, like one time when i played with Justin Berkovi there, we made him dress up like Rocky Balboa for his live show, and he did it, with his hands wrapped like a boxer, plasters on his face, its amazing what people will do when they are drunk….only joking justin…. to be honest i don’t have many bad memories from there.

Times are changing and the Prag is gone. We are in 2011 now and you re back at the Lehmann. Actually fort he fourth time yet. What do you think about this club ? How do you like it ?

Lehmann is great, i remember playing there many years ago when it was M1. Every time ive been there recently it has been excellent. And im really looking forward to this one for the 15th anniversary.

You played and visited Stuttgart for years. What you like mostly on Stuttgart ? is there something which si very typical for Stuttgart in your opinion? (apart from cars and food  )

The most special thing for me in Stuttgart are the friends i`ve met there over the years, and the good techno scene which it always had. and i do like the cars and food…..

Not only clubs are changing, also the music. How would you describe your current sound ?

Don’t know how i would describe it, but i would say that i generally don’t stick to one style or sound, and i like to make what ever takes my interest that day.

You are also cooperate with Housemeister from Berlin. You released tracks on Boys Noize for example. How did these cooperation work ?How did you gyus came together ? Any new releases schdueled fort he next weeks/months of you both ?

Housi is a friend who i met in Berlin over the years and sometimes we got the chance to play together, we always got on really cool together, so when i was hanging in berlin we decided to do some tracks together. Its always good to work with housi as he’s such a great warm character.  We still have some nice tracks lying there and hopefully we can get some time to record some more and get the out.

In generell, what can we expect from Dave tarrida the next time ? New releases or maybe an album ? I guess the last was in 2004 even on Sativae …

I have been working over the last months in my new live show. Hoping to get more into that in the future rather than always djing. Apart from that i have a few eps coming out on gynoid and elekrax from australia, with remixes from Funk D’void, Frank Müller and Angel Alines. Also some remixes are coming out, and i remixed funk d‘void for his outpost label. as far as lps, nothing planned, not really as much incentive for lp packages these days.

In the end a short preview on the night in September. What can we expect from your set ? maybe a short message to our readers ?

I`m just looking forward to a another great night in stuttgart, im sure it will be. i just intend to play as good as i can and enjoy myself. see you there……….