The spectacular Cocoon Club FFM is shutting down

It’s a final decision, the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt is going to shut down. The last party is scheduled for 30th November 2012. The closure of one of the most prestigious techno clubs in Germany is a sad news for clubbers and fans.


As Sven Väth and the co-founders opened the Cocoon Club in 2004, the innovative and modern concept was sensational. Clubbers from all over Germany as well as international fans flocked to Frankfurt to experience it live, and actually all started so well: a ground-breaking, glamorous concept, spacious rooms with a capacity of 1,500 visitors, two excellent restaurants, several lounges, bars and individual small „cocoons“ (cozy private niches embedded in the wall).

safecocoonclubffmOnly the price policy was kind of a fly in the ointment as many considered the place to be overpriced. The two posh restaurants Silk and Micro carry probably a large part of the misery and the prevailing financial disaster of the venue. Despite the reputation of the star chef Mario Lohninger weekend after weekend the restaurants increased the losses.

The responsible liquidator watched the operation for some time and finished his investigations with no good result. The club can not persist under the given circumstances, and sponsors are not in sight. The renting contract has already been terminated.

The Cocoon management announced on their website and on Facebook that they are not able to prevent the closure and that the last party is scheduled for the 30th of November. The Cocoon Club in Frankfurt is going to prepare for the last dance.

The staff of more than 8o people will get paid from the insolvency fund. Sven Väth’s record label, Cocoon Recordings, will remain untouched since it is a stand-alone company and is operating completely independently of the club.

Official statement: